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Readers’ Suggestions Needed!

January 5, 2016

During the month of February, I would like to write 29 Flash Fiction Horror stories. I’d like for them to be prompted. So here is where I come to you, my readers, and ask for you to make suggestions in the comments for topics, scenarios, word lists, or other for me to use in these stories, you can even make word-length suggestions. So what say you, my readers? Are you willing to help me out? And if you would, please reblog this so that those not on my own list of followers can have an opportunity to participate.

Thanks in advance!

  1. So, it’s a foggy day. Freezing cold, the hedges and trees coated with hoar frost. You’re lost in a wood. You hear a noise like none you’ve heard before. A wolf, perhaps …
    Really just popping by to thank you for the follow. I look forward to reading your stuff although I am not really into horror. It is an interesting challenge you have set up for yourself. Are you AtoZ?

    • OMGoodness! That’s a great prompt, Frank! Unfortunately I already have all of my stories lined up for my little challenge, but I am definitely saving this one for when I need something to write for Promptly Written… next month, perhaps as I will be doing something else on another blog.
      You are most welcome for the follow Frank… and yes, I am AtoZ… number 382, currently. Ha! I look forward to your blog as well and reading your AtoZ posts!

  2. Like Ellen, I don’t particularly like horror stories, but a well written one that is not full of blood and guts can be very intriguing to read. I’m going to throw in a couple of suggestions her for you to think on –
    It was 3am. I woke to the sound of floorboards creaking. Problem is, the floors in my house are made of polished cement……
    Mesmerised, I sat and watched my beautiful pet cat morph into a snarling tiger………..
    Good luck with the stories. I look forward to reading them.
    BTW, thanks for your follow of my site 🙂

    • Oh my! These are intriguing! I love them both… got my mind buzzing on them. Thank you! And you are most welcome for the follow 🙂 I will do my best not to write too much blood and gore next month 🙂

      • I can cope with it if there’s no visuals – I think 🙂

      • I will post a warning at the beginning of each story if there is too much bloody content 🙂 there may be a few rather horrid pictures

      • I’m not really that squeamish – just not into horror stories that much 🙂 Some of the true stories are worse horror than any fiction.

  3. Great idea. Sorry I can’t contribute–I’m not a horror reader.

    • No worries, Ellen 🙂 but thank you for stopping by. It should be an interesting month of writing. I will try to remember to post that it is a horror story so people like you won’t read something you don’t care for 🙂

      • Oh, as a non-horror reader, I’ve learned to spot the signs early. My motto is, why get someone else to scare you when life offers so many opportunities of its own?

      • ’tis true… life can be pretty scary all on its own 🙂

  4. Wandering Soul permalink

    here’s more (i hate horror, so I hope you’ll appreciate the lengths I am going to , just for you 😛 )
    – a half – eaten sandwich left on the table, in an empty house.
    ugh! i am bad at this. can’t come up with more. 😀 Sorry!

    • That’s okay 🙂 thank you for trying… I think I can come up with something with that… if I use it, I will credit you for sure! Thanks!

  5. Mark permalink

    A woman thinks she’s a vampire when she has nightmares about her killing innocent people as one and they are found all over her hometown, blood drained. The woman now has a mission, find who’s really doing it; worse, one of the victims families has called in a vampire hunter.

  6. Michael has given you some fantastic ideas. Here are a few suggestions in case you need more:
    The Family Ghost
    The Grandfather Clock Strikes 12 (for the first time in x number of years)
    The Smell in the Basement
    The Stain on the Kitchen Floor
    Warning: Gremlins at Work
    Portal to Hell in the Bathroom (discovered during renovations)
    The Grim Reaper is My Boss (Mr. Repaer Mirg)
    What Lurks on the Attic Stairs

    Don’t know if any of this will help. I reblogged your post, so perhaps someone will have good ideas like Michael!

    Looking forward to reading your horror tales. Haven’t read horror in ages. Still get chills from reading the Shining all these many years ago.

    • Wonderful suggestions! Wow.. thank you! I will credit you when I use them… I am so close now to my 29 prompts!

  7. Here are some thoughts: I imagine these as stories perhaps 200 -300 word limits?
    The Old dark House
    A Dark and Stormy Night.
    The locked door
    A Rattle of Chains
    Enter at your own peril
    The Bell Rang its own Doom
    What’s under My Bed?

    How are they for a start?

    • Oooo! I like all of these, Michael! My creative juices are salivating! I’ve added them to my list and when I write them, I will credit you 🙂 Thanks hun!

      • Let me know if you need any more

      • I have 15 prompts so far… but if it comes close to the end of January and I don’t have the full 29, I will pick your brain for more 🙂 Thanks!

  8. Reblogged this on adarkenedhouse and commented:
    Lori wants to do 29 Flash Fiction Horror Stories in February and would love help with topics, word lists, scenarios, characters.
    Drop by her blog, and leave any suggestions you might have.
    I live in a darkened house — I should be able to come up with a few.

  9. Thank you for assisting 🙂 this means a lot 🙂

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