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A Serendipitous Life

January 28, 2016

for JusJoJan – Prompt: Serendipity


Serendipity is one of those fun words to say. It just rolls off the tongue in a playful manner in your mouth. It is also something I have experienced quite often in my life. Usually with people, places and music.

I will be thinking of someone I haven’t seen in years and suddenly I will receive a letter, email or even a phone call from them, and strangely enough, we were reliving the very same memories and that was why the person contacted me.

And then there are times when I will think of a place and for days on end, I will see that place on the news or on ads online.

And with music, this happens a lot! I will be thinking of a song, singing it in my head and turn on the radio or a tv show and there will be THAT song playing and exactly in the spot where I was singing it in my head.

All of these happenstance moments just thrill me to no end. Some would say these are merely coincidences, but for me, they have all been fortunate occurrences and lessons learned. Call me quirky if you must, but I have led a very serendipitous life.


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  1. So special that you’ve had a serendipitous life. I don’t think such things are coincidences — they are part of the invisible world some are more attuned with than others. Serendipity is a sign of that being in tune.

    • I agree completely. I am an empath, so I do tend to feel everything around me all of the time.. and since I am always feeling things, I tend to be a bit more attuned. Thanks for stopping by hun 🙂 love your insight on this!

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