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April PAD Challenge — Day Twenty-Four

April 24, 2015

prompt: write a “moment” poem

One Perfect Moment

I minded my camera
cleaned the lens
and zoomed in

I scanned the park
searched for a clean shot
focused on children playing

Their tiny bodies moved
and dodged, a game of catch
nothing new for my camera

Next a picnic
mother laid out sandwiches
father eased back on his palms

a nice scene
but too esthetic
I craved something more

a glow caught my eye
a twinkle of color
movement on a bench

You tilted your head
and the sun bathed you
with glints of gold

auburn hair danced
against pale cheekbones
slid across ruby lips

And I knew in an instance
in that perfect moment
I had to capture you

©April 2015, Lori Carlson

  1. Imagery and ambiance beautiful !

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