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A Soul’s Journey – #poetry #2020aprpad

April 6, 2020

Prompt: write a trap poem

A Soul’s Journey

You laid your trap so well
caught my soul off guard
now it’s written here:
In this lifetime, she’s a fraud

recycled, born anew
a parent this time I’ll be
all the trials and tribulations
of children bred too free

the records will reflect
a parent much too distant
children running wild
without any adult supervision

born over and over again
maybe someone with second sight
evil or good, a lover or friend
a soul just trying to get it right

why all of these stumbling blocks?
and who gets to decide?
in some ethereal kingdom
all these Akashic records set aside

For some a book of life
for others, just wretched death
for most a trap it seems
a review before the next breath

In that angelic place, I wait
surely someone makes the call
and then I hear a familiar voice
these are my own trappings after all?

I’ve made each choice
where to go and as whom
each lesson I want to learn
before I enter another womb

This is my own soul’s journey
no trappings laid bare
my soul is merely learning
it’s all really quite fair

Can one only fully know Father’s glory
when all sides have been revealed?
the good, the bad, the joyous and sad
then homeward bound – the books all sealed?

Perhaps it takes millennia for some
for others only a few rebirths
but for the over-curious, such as myself
mayhaps I’ll never leave earth

©2020 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

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