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Wish Granters’ Lament – #poetry #2020aprpad

April 4, 2020

Prompt: write a wish poem

Wish Granters’ Lament

O you selfish humans
How you disappoint!
Always asking for fame & money
Expensive cars you just wreck
One true loves you abuse
& animals you neglect
Even now, you’ve passed on your greed
even your children wish for material things

After millennia of grantings
Our own wishes go unfulfilled
You never ask for world peace
Clean water, air & untainted food
The safety of Mother Gaia
Or the animals she protects
not even the needs of family
friends or people you’ve never met

We, wish granters, have earned
bad reps through the ages
Granting wishes with conditions
& some mischievous misalignments
But you’d think by now
you humans would realize
we are tired of your nonsense
your selfish & petty desires

Those pennies you toss
& bones you break
falling stars
& rubbed bottles
None of it matters
’til you let go of ego
& only thinking of self
our ears are deafened
& our mouths are closed
no wishes will be granted
no, not a single one
We are on strike, you see
’til you humans have grown

©2020 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

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