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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Four

April 4, 2015

Childhood Stories

This is a difficult prompt. I have few memories of my childhood, mostly just bits and pieces of things, especially before age 10. I remember playing with my Barbie outside at this one house where we lived in Covington VA. I left her outside in the rain and her hair got caked with mud so I cut it all off. I think it was around that time too when my sister made me eat mud pies by convincing me that they were actually chocolate pies.

I mostly remember my grandmothers.

My maternal grandmother was always giving me things: decorative Avon perfume bottles, pictures and eventually, a rocking chair. I remember her dogs always ate boiled chicken bits from her hands. And I would sit in that rocking chair in her bedroom listening to the police scanner my grandfather kept on all the time. I also remember that she watched a lot of preachers on the television. Billy Graham was her favorite. And Grandma made the best spaghetti with mushrooms and Texas Pete.

My paternal grandmother loved gardening. I cannot remember a time when she wasn’t working her garden and she would let me pull weeds and bring up pots of beans to snap on the back porch. She was also the most generous woman I’ve ever known. You could come to her house any time of the day and there would be food to eat. She fed anyone who showed up. And she made sure that there was always homemade chunky applesauce and pistachio pudding for me.

I do remember spending weekends at Craig’s Creek with my dad’s kin. His family owned a house there and all of us would gather there, especially on my paternal grandma’s birthday, which just happened to be July 4th. Mama always made grandma a snowball cake and there would be barbequing and fishing down at the creek. I learned to love reading and listening to Neil Diamond from my Aunts Jo and Betty.

I didn’t have the happiest of childhoods, but the few memories I have of good times, I cherish them.

  1. Sounds like you had some nice grandmothers. My grandmother died when I was three or four I remember seeing it when it happened she had fallen downstairs. They were forced to operate on her when she wasn’t strong enough and she died. I wish I knew my grandfather but he died before I was born. Sorry about your sister I deal with a sister that has a lot of mental problems and is jealous of me and is real mean.

    • Yes, my grandmothers were great. I loved them both dearly. Sorry about your grandmother.. that must have been hard on you at such a young age. I still have some issues with my sister, though we’ve grown closer the older we get. Sorry yours is jealous of you.

      • I try not to pay attention to my sister. Yea family is tough. I remember bringing my grandmother sundees when she had to go to the hospital before from an old ice cream shop that went out of business in 80s. glad you are closer to your sister.

      • That was so sweet of you, Dan.. I am sure she was quite proud of you 🙂 Just let your sister go.. I did mine for years.. we’ve only gotten close in the last 2 years since I returned home.

      • Yea its what I am going to do when my parents die. My sister will cause me too much stress negativity. I need to take care of myself. My other sister is nice and we have each others backs.

      • That’s great that you have your other sister to support you 🙂

      • Yea she’s awesome. I posted on twitter some stories. Got 12 followers not too bad for a day.

      • That’s great that you got some new followers via Twitter.. congrats!

      • Thanks any tips on how to get more followers?

  2. Over the passage of time ones memory usually blocks out all but the harshest of events, leaving happy times in the majority. At least that’s what I thin. Either that or had very few bad memories to remember!

    • Mine’s the opposite… I remember the bad times and the good ones are few and far between… I wish it was the other way around.

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