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#SoCS Nov. 26/16 – Pretty Sure

November 26, 2016

for Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Prompt: ‘pretty’


I am pretty sure that this whatever I have plans to stick around a while longer. Today I woke up at 7am with a stuffy head and a fever. I took some advil and crawled back in bed until 11am. Head still stuffy, but the temp came down some. Now the fever is back and my bed is beckoning me to return. I just may give into it. Let it romance me to sleep.

I am pretty sure that by giving into my political addiction, I have been triggered again. My chest has been tight and panic has been a constant companion the past few days. I swore I would quit, begged myself to just let it all go, but I love comedy and the late night guys won’t let it go either. Then I started listening to Democracy Now! and well… the monkey is on my back again. Time to start reading a new book in my pile of reviews and just ignore the politicking.

I am pretty sure this is the lamest SoCS I’ve done in a while. But I feel like crap and so out comes crap. I have a lot of writing to do, but bleah, just not feeling it at the moment and it would all probably come out as… you guessed it, crap. I am going to go prop up in bed now with my Kindle.

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  1. Crap is just how it is sometimes. *hugs*

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