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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 134 & 135

May 14, 2016

(Note: Yesterday I took a well-needed day off, as I haven’t had one really since January. As it was a favorite day for me – Friday the 13th – I decided to use the time to seek some balance and clarity. Today, I am playing a bit of catch-up with the prompts)

Day 134: Unconventional love

Day before yesterday (which would have technically been Wednesday), we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.

I’m not sure I did so well explaining different ways to love in my Wednesday post, and I am not sure I have an unconventional love right now. Truthfully, I am not in a relationship and am separated from my spouse. I love my friends and family and am close to them now, but it is by no means unconventional. I have no pets to share my life with and love. I do have 6 lovely plants that I take care of and love deeply, if that can be called unconventional.

Maybe my contribution to an unconventional love as it relates to my life is that I am learning to love myself, which is something I’ve not always done in the past. I always saw my flaws and loathed them. And that was only compounded by everyone around me stressing to me how horrid my flaws were. But these days, I am embracing myself fully – the good, the bad, the flawed, the ugly and the beautiful. It is definitely one of the most trying times of my life, this exploration of self, but the most rewarding too. I have come to the realization that in order for me to be whole, I need to embrace both my light and dark sides.

Day 135: The interview

Interview your favorite fictional character.

One of my favorite fictional characters is Sherlock Holmes. I just love the way his mind works. So today, I will be interviewing him.

Me: Mr. Holmes, can you tell me a bit about how you solve cases?

SH: Simply by being observant.

Me: Do you care to elaborate?

SH: Not really.

Me: Okay, moving on then. You’ve been described as using a technique called ‘brain attic’ in which you store bits of information much like furniture in an attic. Could you describe how that works for recall?

SH: Well, first you must understand, you only have finite space in your mind. Therefore, you should only store useful information there. Everything else only crowds the mind. When I need to recall something, I merely move from place to place in mind until I locate the information that I need. It’s quite simple, really.

Me: So simple that anyone can do it?

SH: No, not everyone. Most people crowd their minds with useless information. You need to focus on only storing useful information and simply trashing anything that isn’t useful.

Me: But how do you know what will be useful and what will not?

SH: Scientific information is useful. The blabberings of your neighbor is not. Anything that can be observed, not merely speculated.

Me: Okay, I guess I understand now. Let’s move on. Can you tell us about the connection you have to Moriarty and why he is such a formidable foe?

SH: Well, as I am sure you’ve heard, Moriarty has said that we are alike except that I am on the side of the angels. Perhaps he is not so wrong.

Me: Do you care to elaborate?

SH: Not really.

Me: It is well known that you are a drug addict. Can you tell us what benefits you receive from doing cocaine?

SH: It helps me to see things more clearly.

Me: Aren’t you afraid it will diminish your intellect?

SH: Have you been speaking to Watson? I swear he nags me endlessly about such things!

Me: Ummm, no. I haven’t. One final question, if I may?

SH: Of course

Me: Would you care to tell us about your relationship with Irene Adler?

*SH shifts uncomfortably in his chair*

SH: There is no relationship. She is merely a nuisance.

Me: So you have no romantic feelings for her?

SH: You have been talking to Watson! Why must everyone insist I become entangled in the wiles of women? I have no time for such things.

*SH takes out his pipe and has a smoke while avoiding any further questions about Miss Adler. End of Interview*

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