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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 126

May 5, 2016

The glass?

Is the glass half-full, or half-empty?

For most of my life, I have viewed the glass as half-full. For all of my darkness, I am actually more of an optimist than a pessimist. I usually have hope that the world will be a better place, that my health and life in general will improve, and that there is still good in the world.

The nine years that I lived in Oklahoma really tested those concepts though. From 2005 until mid-2014, I not only saw the glass as half-empty, but quite often it felt completely empty. There were brief moments of fullness, but they never lasted long. Life for me there really was quite bleak. The isolation from family and friends left me quite devastated. I’d always been a loner, but this was the first time I’d ever felt completely alone. My health and mental state suffered greatly.

I’d written quite a longer piece on this, but decided not to bore everyone with the tedious details. Suffice to say, when I returned back to VA in 2014 after those nine suppressed years, my glass became full again. It remains half-full to full the majority of the time.

How about you, dear readers? Half-full or Half-empty? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


  1. I feel like I bounce between the two too much. I want to be optimistic, but bad things keep happening and it makes it hard. 😕

    • I so understand that, Serena… I guess it all boils down to our reaction to bad things. If we can allow them to just happen and not react badly, perhaps we can maintain that spark of optimism. That is merely speculation on my part, but I know that when I react badly to an already bad situation, things become much worse. When I try not to react badly, the bad thing dies down quicker. Not sure I am making much sense here. It is just past 3 am and my brain is turning to mush.

      • That does make sense and I feel like I know that…but sometimes can’t control my reaction. Which I suppose is something to work on. Sometimes I’m like oh when I was a kid I used to be so happy…and then I think back and I realize how much sadness I carried through my childhood. There’s no point in looking back to the past for a better time, just have to learn how to make things better for right now! (Does that make sense? I literally just woke up! :p)

      • It makes perfect sense. It is called the past for a reason.. nothing we can do about it but learn from it and let it go. Nothing we can do about the future either.. so living in the now is so important 🙂

    • I feel it is important to really enjoy/value/heed our happy times so that they gradually emerge to form the fabric of our lives. It is a lesson I learned which has made my life more pleasant even though there are still sad/bad things in my life.

      • Definitely! It’s something I’m working on, this year has been one of the hardest, one thing after another you know? But I don’t WANT to be unhappy, so I’m working on it.

  2. I recall a saying that the deeper sorrow has carved into our souls, the more joy we can hold. I hope the sadness will be washed away by much happiness. Happy Thursday!

    • That is an inspiring saying, Lori.. thank you for sharing it with me (putting it into my motivational journal!).. and thank you, the sadness seems to be slowly lifting. Hope you have a blessed weekend!

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