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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 119

April 28, 2016

Your time to shine

Early bird, or night owl?

This isn’t cut and dry for me. Sometimes I thrive at night and will go for weeks at a time staying up all night and sleeping long into the day. Other times, I will sleep at night and get up very early to see the sunrise and hear the birds singing. I tend to write fiction better at night when the house is quiet, but poetry comes to me easier in the early mornings.

For many years, I worked the graveyard shift at various jobs. I had tons of energy and felt more alive at night. By the time morning rolled around, I was ready to settle into bed and sleep. I’ve also worked jobs where I needed to be up very early and would often sleep most of the evening and then get up around 1 or 2 am and stay up. It was easier for me to work that way if my mind was already active.

My preference is to be a night owl. I love night and the darkness. I enjoy the stillness and calm that comes with night. I am more enchanted by the moon than by the sun. If I lived alone, I am sure I would become a complete night owl. However, when you live with others, especially day people, sleeping during the day becomes difficult. So I’ve made the transition from mostly a night owl to a somewhat early bird.

How about you, dear readers? Are you more of a night owl or an early bird? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

  1. I think I am a night owl, and that’s partly due to working a shift where I get off during the evening and I have to run errands when everyone else is asleep. But sometimes, I have to get up early. So, I guess I’m a little bit of both. But it’s hard to find the passion to write. I’m working on that, too.

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