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Victim of Greed – #atozchallenge

April 26, 2016


Victim of Greed

I’ve seen the ad for years – on VuVision, flashing neon billboards along the roadways, on running marquees high atop buildings, and on AdTv in every shop and professional building in the City.

A kindly gentleman asks, “Why grieve when you can keep your loved one encased in Forever Glass™?” and then beautiful displays of content people and animals encased in glass.

It all looks innocent enough. Even appeals to the rising call for something other than graveyards and mausoleums. No one wants to be buried in the ground or turned to ashes these days. There isn’t space for that underground anymore either. Forever Glass™ revolutionizes the way we care for our dearly departed. Display rooms become the rave in homes around the world. Even reality shows spring up on VuVision to see who can out-create the most splendid of display rooms. We watch in disgust as the greed consumes so many.

Rumors stir. People kill their loved ones and animals just to put them on display. We laugh at such notions. Surely not. Impossible. People don’t actually do that. Do they?

My family are traditionalists. We own our own plots. Have for centuries. We have the space. Wills are drawn and passed down from generation to generation. This is how we will go. These are our plans. These are our grave makers. These are our urns. Whether buried or cremated, everything is in order. And so, I never think we will be in need of Forever Glass™.

I remember when it all begins. A party for our 50th Wedding Anniversary. Everything is going fine. We dance. We drink. Our children shower us with presents. We toast our years together. Then comes the tumble down the stairs. The look on your face. The tears as confusion sets in. The long hospital stay. The release. Months pass and all is fine, or so we think. The hip doesn’t set. An infection stirs, grows, festers. And then comes the hospital again. The family gathers around. Their long, mournful faces pass by as if a sea of waves. Our lives flash on VuVision. A gift from the children. We laugh, cry, rejoice. Then comes the final diagnosis. This can’t be fixed. Death is imminent.

What to do? Days fly by. Pacing in the halls. Hours of decision-making. The begging. The pleading. No cold ground. No mausoleum. No urn of ashes.

And then the Forever Glass™ people arrive with their words, “We must take the body before the final moment.”

I recall the cold steel room. The glass. The tank being filled with a preserving liquid. Eyes are sealed shut. Hands are crossed over the chest and secured there. Clothes attached so that they don’t float upward. And finally, the drug is administered.

A display room is built. Lavish decorations. No expense is spared. An AdTv spot is created showcasing the room. Prizes are won and awards are added to the wall. Parties are held in celebration.

Then days turn to months and months to years. As the lights fade and the parties cease, my thoughts still linger. I can’t see you or hear you, but I know you are there. Staring at me. You who did this to me for your own selfish greed.

I am not dead! But you can’t hear my pleas.

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(556 Words)

The Prompt via Mandy Wallace“Why grieve when you can keep your loved one encased in Forever Glass™?”

Each day for the A to Z Challenge I will be writing a 500-1000 word Science Fiction story. I hope you will enjoy them.

  1. Extrapolating from current directions can give rise to some terrifying futures. This was well told, Lori.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

  2. I got goosebumps all over. This was terrific and terrifying. The most terrifying part is this is where we are headed…

    Rian’s Randomness

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