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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 109

April 18, 2016

Unknown caller

You receive a call from an unexpected person. Who is it, and
what is the conversation about? Go!

“Do you have time to talk?”

Wait, I know that voice and those are the words she always said  when she would call, before the stroke that is.

“Mom? Is that really you?”

“It’s me. I need to tell you some things.”

Why would she call me? After all of these years?

“I’m listening.”

“I know you think I abandoned you…”

“How do you know that? I never told you how I felt.”

“I hear and see things now that I never did before. I didn’t mean to push you away. I just wanted to keep you safe. You nearly died.”

“I’ve nearly died a dozen times since.”

“I know and I am sorry I couldn’t keep you safe then.”

“So why call now?”

“You needed to know I didn’t abandon you.”

“I thought you preferred Tammy over me, and then later Bill.”

“I preferred all of you. I didn’t have a favorite.”

“Is this the only reason you called?”

“No. I want you to know I will always love you.”

Tears are streaming now. I never knew… I never knew…

“Mom, why did you use a telephone to contact me?”

“Because I miss our chats on the phone. Don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, Mom. I do.”

“I have to go now. I love you.”

“I love you too, Mom. Thank you.”

And the line goes dead. She’s been dead for 8 years now and before then, the stroke had robed her of speech. We haven’t spoken on the phone in 10 years. If anyone were to call me unexpectedly, I’d want it to be her.

How about you, dear readers? Who would you want to contact you unexpectedly and why? Share your thoughts with me in comments.



  1. I don’t know about now, but there was an instance where my dad called me while I was at dinner with my future wife. He called to wish me luck on my wedding. It was totally unexpected. I appreciated it though.

    Since then, I’ve been trying to reconnect with him, but he always seems to be busy. So, when I get a call back from him, it is unexpected.

    • Oh… that must remain a special call to you though, GR 🙂 I hope he contacts you again soon 🙂

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