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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 108

April 17, 2016

Million-dollar question

Why do you blog?

The simple answer used to be because I have words that I want others to read, be they in the form of poetry, fiction or journal writings. Wanting readers and getting readers are two very different things though, aren’t they? I used to obsess over it. Will this piece bring me readers? Will that piece? Why does my work not generate the hundreds of likes and comments that others’ work does? It used to drive me insane!

I won’t complain now. I have a few very dedicated readers of my work and for them, I am grateful. Would I like a bigger audience? sure, what writer wouldn’t, but I’ve found that with that want comes stress. And I try not to do stress these days. So I write and I post and IF I get readers, hurray! If not, so be it.

These spaces on the web that I have created are chronicles now of my life. I can look back at things I’ve written in the past and see how I’ve improved, or not, as it sometimes happens. And hopefully WP will be around for a long time so I have a storage place of my work, in case something happens to my computer or the numerous external drives, or a fire destroys my paper copies. And I’ve learned that there are no certainties in life, so I try to just go with the flow of things now. It’s the best I can do and it’s the best I can do with my blogs.

How about you, dear readers? Why do you blog? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

  1. For the simple reason that I can’t NOT write…

  2. To answer your question “Why do i blog?” This place releases thoughts (i would be imprisioned in my mind) and connect with anyone who relates or enjoys poetry. It takes a lot of courage to post. This may be where the questions arise. Happy writing, J

  3. Hi Lori. Truth! We share thoughts. I find myself thinking if no one reads or likes or comments on my poems, “what does this mean?” Is our worth dependent on others? I am happy i have others following me now. It took a while. For that i am grateful. No one has to read my poems or like my words. That i need to understand. Peace, J

    • Wonderful thoughts, Jeanne.. I think you’ve come to a healthy conclusion 🙂 Thank you for sharing this with me!

  4. Well said Keith 🙂 I enjoy the writing. I enjoy the commenting. I enjoy the connections and friendships. I enjoy reading the sometimes lively and entertaining discussions in comments.

  5. I started blogging shortly after moving to France, with two aims:
    1. to document events and provide a look-up for tying events to dates, and
    2. to avoid answering the same questions time afer time – family and interested friends loooked at the blog instead of waiting for personal or round robin letters or emails.

    Then I started writing lies fiction. I’m not looking to detract from the pleasure I get from writing by following the formulae etc needed for “success”. Like you, I have a small number of very supportive followers, for whom I am grateful, but success? Every time one person says that one of my limericks made them laugh, every time one person says that something I have written amused them, made them think, brought back a memory or gave them any pleasure or enjoyment; these are my successes; these are what I write for.

    • That is awesome, Keith.. I love your reasons for writing 🙂 Definitely makes it worthwhile 🙂 And thank you for sharing this with me!

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