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The Bitter Truth – #poetry #napowrimo #aprpad

April 9, 2016

Prompt: write a hide out poem
Prompt: I challenge you to write a poem that includes a line that you’re afraid to write. (in italics)

The Bitter Truth

am I too cold for you, darling?
do these lips bite with bitter chill
or these hands freeze upon touch?
are those goose bumps upon your skin
how you greet the cold-hearted me
you so eagerly created? Have I
numbed you as you numbed me?

once these veins burned for you
raged with a fire so fierce
even my bones simmered with delight
your touch sent electric jolts
your lips singed my mouth, burnt
my soul to trembling embers
I became ashes from a mere glance

how did my fire turn to ice?
a decade of cave dwelling with you
hidden away with only bats for comfort
where icy waters forged a bridge
between a beating heart and frigid fists
where your words became stalactites
and pierced my soul a thousand times

my love meant so little to you
that only by turning me
into a shattered frozen lake
a fractured, broken reflection
could you see any resemblance of me
in the perfection you held so dear
staring back at the narcissistic you

yes, I am your creation, my darling
a Siberian queen, bleak and bitter
cool and aloof, detached from fire
a callous, stinging reminder
that our love was as destructive
as icebergs crashing into the sea
flooding the heart with salt and ice

we are no longer polar opposites
my darling, I am you and you are me
frigid, hidden, and utterly alone

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

  1. Powerfully written, Lori. Brava!

  2. Very poignant and honest, Lori. How did you feel after you wrote it?

    • Mentally drained, Calen… I relived the whole marriage over again in my mind.. the entire 13 years we were together. He and I are on good terms now, I don’t know why I keep coming back to the numbness I felt during those last years.

  3. Oh Lori, this makes me feel so sad 😦

    • *hugs* it was a hard one to write.. took me the better part of the day to get it out.. sorry it saddened you, Raili

      • Please don’t feel the need to apologise !! It was a very courageous poem to write. I just felt sad for you and want to give you a *hug* 🙂

      • *smiles* thanks hun

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