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Evie’s Demise – #atozchallenge

April 6, 2016


Evie’s Demise

“Is it true, Miko?”

“Yes, sir. I am afraid it is. Would you like to see the video?”

Bishop Stone shakes his head and closes his eyes. “No, I wouldn’t like to see, but I must,” he replies as he opens his eyes and motions toward Miko. “Play it.”

Miko waves his hand in the air and a screen appears. The tragic scene unfolds. A young girl, drowned. A Living Doll still floats in the lake. The parents huddle together, weeping. It ends with a crowd calling for the end of all Living Doll production.

Bishop cradles his head in his hands. This is not why he started Living Doll Corp. The loss of his own daughter had spurned the idea. With a one-child maximum law in effect, there had been no other child to comfort him, but he had the technology to create a doll as real as any child, and he did so. Soon parents everywhere wanted one for themselves or for their own children to give them a sister or brother that they’d never have otherwise. Bishop wishes he’d never made the dolls public.

“What are you going to do, sir?”

Had he made them too real? All he wanted was Evie back. Was that too much to ask? He never thought a child would drown in an attempt to save one of his creations. Why didn’t her parents explain? Why let a child believe a lie?

“Stop production, I suppose,” Bishop replies as he stands up from his desk.

“Are you sure, sir? We could add warning labels, issue new instructions, or something. I could get the team together to work on it.”

Bishop ponders the possibilities. Would the dolls still be safe? Or would another child or even a parent die to save one from harm? No, he can’t take that risk. They have to halt all production.

“Just send a release, Miko. We will close up shop effective immediately.”

Miko takes out a tablet and punches in some information for a press release. “Should we issue a recall, sir?”

Bishop paces. Would it be fair to strip everyone of their dolls? Should he even destroy his own?

“Yes, yes. You’d better. I don’t want any more lives destroyed.”

Bishop leaves his office and walks up to his living quarters. His Evie sits at a piano playing a tune. He walks over and stands behind her, resting his hands on her shoulders. When she finishes, she turns around in her seat and smiles up at him.

“Did you like it, Daddy,” Evie asks as her face sparkles.

Bishop nods and feigns a smile. “It was beautiful, Evie. Your best yet.”

Bishop reaches down and takes Evie’s hand. He leads her out of the living room and down the hall to the elevator. As they descend to his laboratory, Bishop can no longer hold back his tears.

“Why are you crying, Daddy?”

Bishop smiles at her. “I am just so moved by your tune, Evie.”

“Are we going for a check-up, Daddy?” Evie questions in her sweet, innocent voice.

Bishop wraps his arm around her shoulder and pulls her toward him. “Yes, Evie. Just a check-up.”

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(530 words)


The Prompt via Mandy WallaceThe CEO of Living Doll Corp has a crisis of conscience when a child drowns trying to save a doll that fell in a lake.

Each day for the A to Z Challenge I will be writing a 500-1000 word Science Fiction story. I hope you will enjoy them.


  1. That’s both beautiful and disturbing at the same time. So emotional.

    Meet My Imaginary Friends

  2. Amazing story Lori thank you!

  3. Great story!!

  4. Sad.Science and genetic manipulation + such a fraught area. I saw a movie something similar to this once. It too did not have a happy ending.

    • Do you remember the name of the movie? I would be interested in seeing it. It really is sad… I don’t know if we will ever get to that point and not sure we should.

      • Cool story! (Soul Gifts might be thinking of the movie AI: Artificial Intelligence. It’s one of the first things that came to mind as I read this…it’s an excellent film by Steven Spielberg.)

      • Thank you, Jonathan! Oh, I wonder if that is the movie… I’ve never seen it. Will definitely look for it. Thanks!

      • No sorry, it was a long time ago. I just have whispers of memories about it. Also similar whispers from some other stuff I’ve briefly referred to in our email chats.

      • Ah.. interesting. Maybe a true memory then from aides of some sort? if tat make sense.

      • Yes it does, and yes it is. And yes, there is a movie 🙂 If that makes sense……. lol !!

      • Definitely does 🙂 Was the movie AI: Artificial Intelligence? Jonathan suggested that it might be

      • It could well have been. All I remember is that it me feel yuk. I am starting to remember some of the other things too. Might send you an email about that.

      • Oh please do, Raili.. I am curious!

  5. Poor Evie. Poor Bishop. Great story.

    Keith Channing A-Zing from

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