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Adam 2.0 – #atozchallenge

April 1, 2016


Adam 2.0

It is the same reoccurring dream. I am cocooned in a pod-shaped vessel. Machines run in the background. Beeps. Whirls. And then the vessel opens. Men, dressed in white coats, surround me. They remove a covering from my eyes and ears. I am helped out of the vessel and forced into a sterile room. Sounds echo around me. I awaken, sweaty and breathing hard. This dream, every night for months now.

“Dr. Hanson, I just can’t take it anymore.”

The doctor makes a few notes and then looks up at me. “Are you still seeing things, Timothy?”

I nod and sigh. “But only at night when I look up at the sky.”

“Are you ready to tell me now what you see? It will help with your treatment.”

I look down at my hands folded in my lap. “You won’t believe me.”

“It is of no consequences if I believe you or not, Timothy. It only matters that you believe it.”

Can I trust him or will he too believe I am mad? I gaze back up at him. “Everything,” I whisper.

The doctor cocks his head at me and raises a brow. “Everything?”

“The entire Universe. Every planet, star, asteroid, meteor, and galaxy in the entire universe.”

“That is remarkable, Timothy!”

“I see the inhabitants too,” I reveal.

“On every planet?” he inquires as he makes more notes.

“Yes, every one. And I hear the chiming of the Universe too. Do you believe me, Dr. Hanson?”

Instead of answering me, he gets on the telephone. “It worked,” he says and then hangs up.

I am baffled. What worked? Does he know what’s wrong with me? Am I schizophrenic or worse?

“Dr. Hanson?”

“Just wait a few moments, Timothy. You will understand everything,” he promises as he gets up and walks out of the room.

Moments later, he returns with another doctor. This one looks vaguely familiar, but I don’t know from where. I cannot help but stare at him. Where do I know this man from?

“Timothy, this is Dr. Ledwick.”

I stand up and shake the man’s hand. “Nice to meet you, doctor.”

Dr. Ledwick smiles at me as though I were some thing of pride. “You are a remarkable young man, Timothy, but I suppose you remember nothing.”

“Remember what?”

“Sit down, Timothy. What I have to tell you may be shocking.”

I do as he says, but my curiosity works overtime in my mind. What could he possibly have to tell me that would be that shocking?

“Timothy, you came to us two years ago. Do you remember being a soldier?”

I shake my head.

“You were and you were nearly killed in Afghanistan. You weren’t just an ordinary soldier though. You were in reconnaissance and you were damn good at your job. The best, in fact, until someone you trusted tried to blow you up.”

I tried to remember, but nothing came to me. Not a single vision.

Dr. Ledwick continued, “We enhanced your DNA, Timothy. Do you know what that means?”

“No, doctor. No clue.”

“We gave you recessive genes. Genes that are normally turned off. That heightened hearing and sight, they are a result of our enhancement. You are like a new Adam, if you will. An Adam 2.0 as we fondly call it.”

“But what does that mean?”

Dr. Ledwick looks at Dr. Hanson, who nods at him.

“It means that we need your help, Timothy. The government, that is. They are coming and we need you to find them before they reach Earth. Will you help us, Timothy?”

I stare at him. My eyes wide with astonishment. “Find who?”

“The aliens,” Dr. Ledwick tells me as he holds up a document. He hands it to me. It is some kind of deciphered transmission.

It reads: “We got your message, silly humans. How stupid of you to broadcast your ignorance and youthfulness to the Universe. We know exactly where to find you now. We are coming for you! Prepare to meet your maker!”

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(670 Words)


The Prompt via Mandy Wallace: You find out you’re a DNA experiment combining as many recessive genes into one person as possible. That’s why you’ve always felt so different from everyone else.

Each day for the A to Z Challenge I will be writing a 500-1000 word Science Fiction story. I hope you will enjoy these stories.

  1. Great write! I enjoyed it, even though I don’t usually enjoy this type of subject. You drew me in!

  2. Woohoo! What you are going to have is 26 novel starters! Terrific first story. Looking forward to the rest.

    Sharon Arthur Moore @good2tweat
    Parsley, Sage, and Rosemary Time

  3. Love it! Does it continue? Or a new one everyday? Doesn’t matter, I’ll be back!

    Ninga Minion @YolandaRenee from
    Defending The Pen
    <a href="”>Murderous Imaginings

    • There will be a new story each day, but everyone wants to know more about this one.. so at a later date, I plan on working on this to make it longer 😀

  4. Love how you write!!! Someday I will be there too!

  5. Creepeh!

  6. So, good! I have to know what happens…so, please continue this story at some point! 🙂

    • If I do, it probably won’t be til next year and by then, people will have forgotten all about it.. *laughs*

  7. fantastic story! loved the ending! poor tim. he’s in for it now.

  8. Nice post! I enjoyed finding your blog through the A to Z Blog Challenge. Good luck with A to Z!
    Writer’s Zen (
    Jasper Lynn – Children’s Author (

  9. some days I think it would be great to come back as a better reincarnation of myself. But don’t ask me to do alien translations 😉

    Twitter: @KnottyMarie
    Literary Gold
    Jingle Jangle Jungle

  10. Ha! That was good…kinda leaving us dangling there. Maybe you’ll reconsider leaving it there! ☺

  11. We may laugh but I bet they’re already on the way, following our transmissions to the source. Damn you, SETI 🙂

    • *laughs* it was a good idea, but I’ve always wondered how they out there would feel about the message 😀 thanks hun!

  12. Ooh, this has promise. Please don’t tell me you’re ending it there. I need more!

    What a great start to the month.

    Keith Channing at

  13. All is good until they want you to decipher an alien transmission!!! lol good story!

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