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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 77

March 17, 2016

Bone of contention

Pick a contentious issue about which you care deeply — it
could be the same-sex marriage debate, or just a disagreement
you’re having with a friend. Write a post defending
the opposite position, and then reflect on what it was like to
do that.

These are not immigrants. Immigrants are people who come from European countries like Ireland, Germany, the UK. They share our common goals for democracy, religion, and economic health and wealth. These are foreigners, aliens.. they come into this country and they don’t want to learn our language, they want to hold on to their archaic beliefs, they take our jobs, get hooked on our welfare, and don’t believe in our values of freedom, democracy and free trade.  Many of them hate us or at the very least resent us. They see us as demons, evil, and corrupt. They set up sleeper cells with the desire to kill us and take over our country and drag it to ruins like their own countries. They want to take our laws and turn them into their religious laws. They don’t want to educate our young and especially not our females. They want to set us back into the stone ages! Rule by fear and by their god. They pretend to be grateful for an opportunity to own property, run businesses and enjoy all of the freedoms that we, Americans, hold dear. And then one night they get a call or a text or an email and they wake up. Wake up with only vengeance and hate in their hearts for us. They break out their guns (which we’ve allowed them to purchase unchecked!) and their bombs and then they slaughter us. They call us infidels and are instructed by their god to convert us or kill us. But they know we are a free people and we value our religious freedom and we will not convert. So killing us is their only option. And if they are not the ones ruled by their god, they are the ones who are ruled by no gods, only the rule of corrupt men who wish to see all free people chained by their laws and their desire for what they consider to be working rights for all. But they won’t allow dissension and they won’t allow any of us to practice out Constitutional rights. Yes, you know who all of these people are! How can you allow them to come into this great country and destroy it from within?  We need to build up fences around all of our borders, not allow anyone in who isn’t just like us (White, of European descent, and of OUR religion which is the Christian religion!). And those who are already here, we need to round them up, put them in camps or ship them back to where they came from. All of them!


*shudders* I need a shower now to wash off all of the hate, bigotry and discrimination that I just wrote. Those are all of the arguments that I have heard people say about anyone from any foreign country that isn’t European who want to or have come here. Be they from Africa, the Middle East or across the border from Mexico. That attitude of division is what has caused this country to be so despised all over the world. We don’t realize the damage we’ve done in other countries. We’ve gone in and stolen their natural commodities, set up our businesses and forced their people into slave labor. And we have the nerve to call this free trade when there is nothing free about it. It is greed. Pure and simple greed. Instead of working with these people, we work against them. And any mention of FAIR trade is considered Communistic. Who ever heard of paying these people what their commodities and labor is really worth? Why that is UnAmerican! We don’t even want to pay OUR people what they are worth. Instead, these greedy bastards have taken good jobs from America and shipped them to foreign countries so that they can make cheap products. Then they have the nerve to sell those cheap products back to us! But we buy them! Why? because Americans are always looking for a bargain. We want something for nothing because we’ve been taught that we are entitled to it!

But it isn’t just about consumerism. We’ve also gone into countries and stripped them of their land, their religions and rituals, and forced our laws and our religious values on them because we think we know best. We call them savages because they live with Nature and have respect for the natural world. Whereas we call ourselves civilized and yet,  we use up everything and to hell with what it would take to replenish what we’ve taken. We don’t live on this planet as though we are caretakers. We live on this planet like it is our own personal playground. And you know what happens on playgrounds… bullies rule. We don’t see others in other countries as Humans, we see them as foreign, alien, dare I say, barbaric, when it is we who are barbarians!

Call me what you will, but I believe in love, unity and peace. I believe that we can live on this planet and leave as few footprints as possible. I don’t think we need to spend spend spend. We don’t need the newest and latest of anything. We’ve been taught that we must have those things. That is why we are a throw-away generation. Nothing is built to last because we don’t want it to last. We want to upgrade, constantly. We aren’t satisfied with a modest home, a single car, basic food and clothing. No, we want more and more and more. And we are told by our government that we deserve more! What did Bush tell people after 911? Go out and spend! Go ahead, you deserve it. To hell with what it is costing people in countries halfway across the globe to produce it for you. And then we wonder why we are hated. No, it isn’t because of our religion, our freedom, our laws, or our Democracy. It is because we are greedy bastards who don’t give a shit about anyone but ourselves.

*climbs off of her soapbox to take a nice long hot shower in hopes that she will find peace and love again*

How about you, dear readers? Have an opinion about what I’ve written? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

  1. My goodness that was a rant and a half !! I hope you feel better for it 🙂 Now go and transmute all that crap into Light and let it bring more peace and love into the world 🙂

    • *laughs* yeah.. it was definitely a soul-sucking rant.. gives me the heebeejeebees just thinking about it

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