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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 76

March 16, 2016

Show and tell

You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a
group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice.
Describe your presentation.

*A forty-something woman strolls into the classroom. Her long blond-silvery hair hangs loose down her shoulders and back. She is dressed in a long burgundy dress with a black sweater over it and she is wearing black satin flats. You notice immediately the multiple bracelets that adorn both wrists, the long beaded necklace and the dangling silver earrings. She is carrying a wicker tote bag. Her smile is infectious.*

Good morning class. My name is Lori and I am a poet. *She opens her tote bag and removes a a red shiny notebook and pen* These are the tools of my craft. *She holds them up in the air for everyone to see* Did you know that anyone, anywhere can be a poet? *She glances around the room at the amazed faces* Indeed, they can! You are all poets! *She laughs as the kids look back and forth at one another* It’s true! And today, I am going to prove it to you!

*Lori goes to the chalk board and picks up a piece of chalk* Today, we are going to learn how to use imagery to create a poem. Does anyone know what imagery is? *She stares out at the classroom and points to one young boy with his hand raised*

“Imagination?” he asks.

Something like that. It does take an imagination to create images. *She goes to her tote bag and removes a picture* This is an image.. it is the image of a calico kitten sitting on a pillow… but how boring is that? *She laughs* Let’s see if we can’t spice that up a bit, okay? Who can tell me what color the cat is?


“No, it’s brown!”

“I see orange”

“There is some white in there too!”

Yes, yes, you are all correct. What other creatures in nature have a mixture of colors like this?



Ah yes… very good! Now, let’s suppose that this cat’s coloring is LIKE a butterfly, a Monarch butterfly. Can you picture that? *She looks around at the kids as they scrunch up their faces to picture it in their minds – She goes back to her tote and removes a picture of a Monarch* Does this look like the kitten’s fur? *the kids all nod their heads enthusiastically*

We all know that butterflies fly around, but what else do they do?

“Land on things!” one girl yells out.

Indeed! Would you be willing to say they perch on things? *The kids all nod their heads*

Okay, so let’s write up here what we have so far. *Lori moves back to the chalkboard* We have calico kitten, Monarch butterfly, perch and pillow. Now let’s try to make something beautiful out of those words. *Lori writes some words upon the chalkboard and reads them*

The calico, colorful as a Monarch, perches upon the pillow.


Like a Monarch, the calico perches upon the pillow.

Now, aren’t those more exciting that just a kitten sitting on a pillow?

*The kids laugh and cheer*

That’s imagery. And, it’s Poetry!

*With the kids now excited, Lori goes on for another few minutes showing them more ways to create images. By the time she leaves, she has a class full of blossoming poets*



  1. Very imaginative. Nice job.

  2. Wish I had you for a teacher!

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