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366 Days of Writing Prompts – Day 74

March 14, 2016

180 degrees

Tell us about a time you did a 180 — changed your views on
something, reversed a decision, or acted in a way you ordinarily

In my late teens, I became a Mormon. I had taken my temple vows and was preparing to marry a missionary as soon as he completed his mission. Life did not go as planned. The missionary had a crisis of faith, left his mission, the Church and cancelled our marriage plans.

Some time after this, the guy I had dated prior to joining the Church and being engaged to the missionary, asked me to marry him. I did so with the Church’s blessing, even though my soon-to-be husband was not a Mormon (I could marry a non-Mormon, I just wouldn’t get a temple marriage). Ah, but you see, the Church relies heavily on conversion. So it was my job as a good little Mormon to convert my new husband. I failed. In fact, the marriage only lasted 7 months, during which time I had a miscarriage and was very ill.

When I returned to my local Church, everyone was happy to see me – and then I told them that I had left my husband and was seeking a divorce. Suddenly no one was happy to see me. I was shunned by those I’d know for several years and grown to love. Even the missionaries, an older couple, refused to come see me. At just barely over 20 yrs of age, I was devastated. And I too had a crisis of faith.

I stopped believing in anything religious. If anyone even mentioned something about God or Christ to me, I rejected them outright. I became an atheist. A complete 180 degree turn. This would last for 5 or 6 years, during which time I began exploring Wicca and Pagan paths. Over the years, I have studied about many other religions and philosophies. And although I’ve never become a Christian again, I do appreciate the teachings of Christ. I now consider myself a mixed bag – Wicca, Buddhism, and Taoism with spiritualism tossed into the mix.

I don’t regret my 180. I love who I’ve become spiritually. I do sometimes wonder what kind of life I may have lived if those wedding plans hadn’t been cancelled. I am not sure I would like the person I would have been.

How about you, dear readers? Ever did a 180? Share your thoughts with me in comments.

  1. I certainly can understand why you would do a complete 180!

  2. It is sad when organisations that claim to follow an unconditionally loving God end up being so conditionally ruthless and judgemental 😦 That’s not what it’s about. Glad you have found your own spiritual path.

  3. I’m sorry your faith journey has been so rocky. I was raised in a Christan home. I’m thankful that I never made a 180, although my faith has been shaken violently. I can think of a 180 example to share: When choosing a career, I swore I’d never be a nurse, but when a family member needed a caregiver, I stepped up and I continue to assist.

    • Thank you, Linda …that’s great that you are a caregiver.. my sister became a nurse in her late 30s. Surprised all of us as she was never very good in math or science in HS.. I guess 180s come along when you least expect them 🙂

  4. More times than I care to count! I never use to stick to anything I decided but that has changed a lot. lol

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