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Embracing Destiny – Flash Fiction

March 9, 2016


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Louise @ The Storyteller’s Abode

Embracing Destiny

Word had been sent. Rolf left the safety of the Abbey. He’d hidden himself away there for far too long. It was time to embrace his destiny.

He hung his head low as he rode upon his faithful steed. His maiden was dead. The country laid in ruins. Barbarians had destroyed it all. There was only one way to change things.

He climbed the stairs to his father’s room. Entered. Bowed before the ailing man.

“I am ready, Father.”

With shaking hands, his father tapped Rolf with his sword, then it crashed to the stone floor. His father was dead.

The kingdom passed hands. King Rolf would avenge them all.

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(110 words)



This fun fiction prompt is brought to you by Priceless Joy, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and friends. Come join us!

  1. I love it when the good guys stand up and act. Great tale Lori.

  2. Time to leave the Abbey and take up the Kingdom and the sword. Great story!

  3. I love the historic feel of this story. Nicely done!

  4. I am going to be reading your stuff off and on and I want to comment on them all or reblog them all but I am going to pick a tag and reblog some of your stuff as a teaser to you for my blog and support your blogs. This fiction piece I like indeed! Set in the time period I adore and I kid you not!! Any posts you have done in Medievil times or involve knights and ladies or princes and princess well you get the idea. You see I have had this idea in my head and it involves that time period. I have always wanted to see it in a book or series even. I will tell you all about it sometime. xoxo

    • Thanks, Annette 🙂 I appreciate you reblogging and commenting on my work… I would love to hear your ideas about a medieval period piece.. you should just start writing it! Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

      • Hint: Time travel via artifact from medieval times….artifact or item has it’s on traveling story and it is a woman first that finds it from another time period first. Then a man and he will travel to future maybe idk but it will be like this…..

        About treasure and it’s story starting with one woman her travel or travels and then treasure comes in again as and says where he was found and who from what time period……but the artifact or item is a pair that was split and it yearns for the other half but it speaks to reader telling beginning of each travel….the woman’s adventure involves Gods/godesses some time BC not sure….She turns into a fairy because of where the item was located….second a man finds it he is going to somewhere in the future….he is some sorta being and each adventure is connected to artifact or item and its journey to find its other half….there is strong adult content and language I imagine but I also imagined it in a YA series…..

        What do you think? I have no clue what the object or artifact can be but has to be something that is two and is broken or ripped apart from its soulmate its love….each story finds love in some form and may include sexual scenes if I don’t go YA

        we will talk….love you

      • Sounds interesting… maybe a piece of jewelry that has two separate parts… very scifi-fantasy it!

      • Lol thanks and wonderful idea. Will try and find some images of jewelry from that time period to give me a bit of a direction. Love you! 2 am and head rattling lol grrrrr

      • Awesome 🙂 good luck with your research hun you too!

      • Thanks babe! Xoxo

      • My pleasure hun 🙂 xoxox

      • Hope you are well. Sis took phone to work but I am on my laptop. Message me if you want to talk. Take good care friend. xooxox

      • Eh, still feel like crap hun… I am around though.. just not on FB.

      • LOL guess what I don’t have a window open for fb and If I show on it is only on my phone and that is because I forgot to switch msgr to my sister when I got off from talking to my son. See Mason can only be contacted via fb instant msgr. So, I try and stay somewhere that I can hear it if a instant msg comes through. Fb is not a place I spend much time in at all. Just like to see video’s and face chat with grandkids and talk to my kid. LOL way to much drama there. If you need me msg me here and if we want to talk privately we will call or go there….xoxox get better sugar snap

      • thanks sweetie!

  5. Wow! Great story, Lori. So much said in so few words. I love how he is going to avenge the barbarians that destroyed the kingdom. Wonderful story!

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