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Chaos in the City – Horror Flash Fiction

February 28, 2016

“Warning: Gremlins at Work”
Prompt suggestion from adarkenedhouse


Chaos in the City

The phones hadn’t stopped ringing all day. Calls were coming in faster than the officers could investigate and file reports. Some unnatural creatures were wreaking havoc on the City’s population. Homicide was called in to take over.

Detectives Darren Jacks and Mark Colby arrived at the house just after dark. They met the officers already at the scene on the front porch.

“What’s going on?” Colby asked.

“It’s a hellish mess, sir. Three bodies, all mutilated.”

Jacks and Colby entered the house and were immediately struck by the chaos. The room looked like a twister had hit it. Furniture and clothing laid haphazardly about the room, blood smeared the walls, and in a corner, the first body laid in a heap on the floor. Arms, legs and torso ripped to shreds. The face had claw marks from hairline to chin. The neck was gauged and the jugular severed. Her blouse was opened to reveal that both of her breasts had been clawed at as well.

They continued into the kitchen where the chaotic scene only worsened. Every cabinet was torn into, the refrigerator door hung off of its hinges, the kitchen table had been tossed across the room and smashed against the wall. Chairs flung through the window. Glass covered the entire room. Food was scattered all about. And in the center of it all was the second victim sprawled out on the floor, a knife stuck in his back.

“The officer outside said there were three bodies?” Jacks inquired to another officer investigating the kitchen.

“Yeah, through here,” the officer said as he pointed the way.

Jacks followed while Colby assessed the other two scenes. The officer led him through a hallway and into a back bedroom. This room hadn’t fared any better than the previous two. The bed was up against the wall, mattress and box-spring shredded. A desk was halfway in and halfway out the bedroom window. Clothes tossed around and blood smeared the walls. In the closet was the body of a young boy around 6 years of age. He had claw marks over his entire body. His eyes had been gauged out and one of his legs was barely attached to the rest of him.

Jacks shook his head. What kind of creature had caused all of this mayhem? Before the thought even left his head, a scream rang out. Jacks ran from the bedroom and back into the kitchen.

“What was that?” he asked Colby.

Colby shrugged. “Sounds like it came from next door.”

The two raced out of the house and over to the neighbor’s house where the screams continued. They tried the front door, but it was locked. Colby kicked it in and readied his gun. Jacks followed him inside, his gun readied as well. The living room was dark, but the screams continued from the kitchen. The pair moved slowly through the room.

“Ma’am?” Colby asked as he peered around the doorway.

“Oh my God, help me!” the woman screamed.

Jacks reached around the doorway and felt for a light switch. He found it and light burst into the room. Shrieks and hissing sounds rang out. Small creatures scuttled about the kitchen, running for cabinets and dark corners. The woman stood by the back door, her nightgown in tatters about her body. Her legs and arms severely clawed up.

“What the hell were they?” Colby asked as he charged into the room to assist the woman.

Just then a sound whizzed by his ear. The light bulb exploded and the room went dark again. The creatures ran from their hiding spots and began attacking Colby all at once. He screamed for Jacks who grabbed a lighter from his pocket. He struck it and began flashing it around the room. The creatures back away from Colby and tried to run back to their hiding places, but Jacks was firing off rounds at them, hitting several of them. Colby turned on his cellphone and shown it in a corner where several other creatures were hiding.

“I’ll be damned!” Colby shouted. “Goddamned gremlins!”

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(683 words)

  1. Gotta love those gremlins. I have the less bloodthirsty variety in all my technological tools. Great scary story — was wondering when the detectives might get really involved.

  2. Very graphic! Now I have that darn Gremlins earworm from the film stuck in my head again 🙂 Great story.

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