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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 59

February 28, 2016

First light

Remember yesterday, when you wrote down the first
thought you had this morning? Great. Now write a post
about it.

My first thought was: oh shit, did I oversleep again? I think this is my first thought most mornings. For someone who doesn’t work a steady, regular daily grind, you would think I wouldn’t care how long I slept. But I do care. I may not be working OUT THERE, but I am working IN HERE. Meaning, I write every day. Writing is my career. I may not be getting paid for it, but it is my passion and I enjoy devoting time to it.

So yes, oversleeping is a very bad habit and it forces me to have to wake up startled most mornings. I don’t like that panic feeling. I went through that for years when I was working a daily grind. I don’t like to be late, and truthfully, I rarely was late for my jobs. But now that I work for myself writing, I still don’t like to be late. My preferable time to write is in the wee hours of the morning. Between 3-5 am. Lately though, I’ve been going to bed between midnight and 3 am, so not getting back up again until between 9-11 am. (This is mainly because it takes me at least 1-2 hours to actually fall asleep once I am in bed and then usually from sheer exhaustion from fighting the pain in my feet) So all of that wasted time sleeping and not writing. Pushing my writing activities into the midday. Disheartening to be sure.

It also forces me to get straight up and begin writing, which doesn’t leave me much time to do a 15-20 minute morning meditation. I feel rushed through the meditation instead of relaxed. Some mornings, I’ve had to skip it entirely. This makes for a very grumpy me.

My solution? I am going to force myself to stay awake during the day, so no mid-morning to early afternoon naps. I will try to be in bed no later than 9 pm. This means I will need to stop drinking caffeine by 2 pm so it won’t affect my sleep. And no eating past 5 pm so my digestion is okay. If it means structuring myself even more than I have been, then that is fine with me. I need my early morning writing sessions and this is the only way to do it.

Just a reminder… tomorrow will be a special day! It is Leap Day! And you know what that means right? Two special stories! One will be here on my 365 day post. Remember the teaser? “This isn’t your grandpa’s baseball game!”

The other story will be my final Horror story. Seems hard to believe that the month of Horror is nearly over, but it is. So I will see you all tomorrow for these two special stories!

How about you? What do you think about the first thing in the morning? Share your thoughts with me in comments.


  1. Good luck with then new routine. Perhaps I need to do that too. I find not working means I am busier than ever! Like you, I love writing and do devote many hours a day to it. Squeezing everything else in between writing, reading etc becomes tricky sometimes

    • Thank you, Raili… yes, it is difficult to get everything accomplished. My worst is getting emails read. I am always a week behind. *laughs* Good luck with getting a new routine began too 🙂

      • Yeah, me same with emails. Are you waiting on one from me to continue our conversation ?

      • Hmmm… I don’t know. Let me check. I think I was supposed to reply back and haven’t yet. Hey, did you send me a fwd’d message? I thought you did, but it has disappeared.

      • I may have, can’t recall. It could have been a link to a webcast. I’ll check and resend if I can find it, lol !!!!

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