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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 58

February 27, 2016

Comedy of errors

Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong will go
wrong.” Write about a time everything did — fiction
encouraged here, too!

The Wrong Number

I’m lying in bed dreaming and the phone rings.

I leap to my feet, the phone ten feet away, and I wonder who could be calling at two in the morning.

And the floor’s cold and cluttered and I stumble over boxes, and still the phone rings.

The ringing pounds through my head as my feet pound the floor and I race over the dog and the basket of laundry, catching my foot in an old pair of jeans.

And all the while, the phone rings.

I shake off the pants and I shake off the fatigue as I race to the phone that still rings and rings.

And finally, I reach it – that damn ringing phone – and mutter an exhaustive “hello?

And the voice on the other end says, “Oh sorry, wrong number.”

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

  1. and then I dial back the once familiar number flashing on the phone.
    “Coffee tomorrow? at the coffee shop?”
    A split second of silence at the other end seems like an eternity as I hear her giving in.
    “You know what they say about best friends right? The quarrels that last more than a night need some conversations over coffee more than apologies.”
    She smiled at the other end.

    • oh wow, that’s an awesome conclusion CM… thank you 😀

      • Stories with a loosely hanging end are so tempting. your short piece of fiction made me wonder , what next and I gave in 🙂

      • *laughs* well feel free to give into it any time with anything I write.. I enjoy seeing others’ ideas 🙂

      • you have got yourself a deal there , lady 🙂

      • Awesome 😀

  2. Funny thing that actually happened to me one night….fell right over kids toys and when I did make it to phone it was wrong # too LOL:-)

  3. Thank goodness I’ve never gotten many phone calls that were wrong numbers in the middle of the night. I enjoyed this.

  4. When that happens to us, it’s usually something like “Laurent est là?”.
    A few years ago, in UK, I had a sequence of four calls on my mobile, each time a male voice asked to speak to Linda. I said there was no Linda here. On the fifth occasion, the same man, now clearly angry, asked me what I was doing with his daughter’s phone!

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