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Healing in the Blood – Horror Flash Fiction

February 26, 2016

Picture Prompt from FB group Elements of Genre Writing

Healing Blood

Healing in the Blood

Madame Blanchard’s Spa was quite the hub for the female rich and famous around the world and had been for centuries. Although these days, it was run by a Korean woman named Kim Joo and her French lover Bedelia Moragne. When the exotic pair walked into the main lobby of the spa, the crowd hushed and stared in awe. Their beauty brought women there by the droves.

Today was no exception. Kim, the black-haired beauty, arrived in a red fringe Valentino dress. While Bedelia, the blond beauty, arrived in a flowing black Yves Saint Laurent gown. The two floated around the room engaging with their guests, offering drinks and discussing the latest fashions.

A young lad entered the lobby and nodded at Kim Joo. She nodded back and waved her hand to dismiss the lad.

“Ladies, your rooms are ready. If you will follow me and Bedelia, we will show you where to go.”

The two women led the anxious crowd through a maze of corridors. They stopped now and again to show a woman into a room, then moved along. Finally, they arrived at the last room with the last woman in tow.

“Right inside, Madame,” Bedelia said as she opened the door and stood aside to let the forty-ish year old woman enter. The woman went inside as instructed and the exotic pair disappeared down the hall.

Inside the room, a young girl helped the woman undress.

“What is your name?” the woman asked.

“Aliza, Madame,” the girl whispered in a French accent.

“Beautiful name. I am Maria. This is quite a place you have here.”

Maria glanced around the room, decorated in a French country decor. In the far right, there was a curtained-off section. Maria’s curiosity grew.

“Shall we?” Aliza asked as she pointed toward the curtains.

Maria followed the young girl. Her hands shook. A chill ran up her spine. The room was cold for all of its warmth and charm. The girl pushed aside the curtains to reveal a large bathtub. She helped Maria inside the empty tub and instructed her to just lie down. Maria did so and was surprised to find that the porcelain was warm and not frigid as she had expected. She leaned back and sighed.

“Are you ready, Madame?”

Maria, unsure of what she was to be ready for, nodded her head anyway.

“Close your eyes and just relax.”

Maria did as she was instructed. She heard a cranking noise and a metallic sound. And then a warm liquid sprayed down upon her. She opened her eyes. Sat up in the tub. She screamed and tried to get out. Her hands and feet slipped around in the liquid. She couldn’t get a grip on anything to help her. She screamed again. In the distance, she could hear the other women screaming. The whole place echoed with fear.

Above her floated a young woman, bound hands and feet, held by a chain. Her throat was slashed. Her eyes rolled back into her head. Her blood rained down upon Maria.

“Shhhh,” Aliza whispered as she gently pushed Maria back into a lying position. “There is healing in the blood. Let it cover you.”

Maria settled back down into the blood-covered tub. Soon, the young woman above her went limp. Her blood no longer flowed. Aliza took a sponge and began bathing Maria in the blood. When her body was completely covered, Aliza helped Maria from the tub and led her to a long towel-covered table. Maria laid down on it, shaking. Aliza turned a long heating lamp over the table.

“You just need an hour, Madame, and then you will be beautiful!”

Ninety minutes later, Maria emerged from her room and followed the other women back to the lobby. Kim and Bedelia stood there waiting for them.

“Oh ladies!” Kim shrilled with delight. “You look beautiful! Come and see.”

Kim and Bedelia led the women into another room. The walls were covered in mirrors. The women gazed into them. It was miraculous. All of them looked to be in their twenties again.

“Healing in the blood,” Bedelia said. “You will all come back, yes?”

Β©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(697 words)

Kim Joo and Bedelia Moragne’s dresses:


  1. Nicely done. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow you sure do this horror flash fiction well my dear friend!! I can’t write horror or sifi I don’t think lol

    • Thanks hun πŸ™‚ Oh I bet you could if you set your mind to it.. it’s actually a lot of fun.. seeing how far you can stretch your imagination and your comfort zone.. why not just experiment with them?

  3. Thank you, my angel πŸ™‚

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