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The Touch Seer – Horror Flash Fiction

February 25, 2016

“The Stain on the Kitchen Floor”
Prompt suggestion from adarkenedhouse

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The Touch Seer

Abbie sat in the middle of the kitchen floor. Stunned. Unblinking. Those visions. The horror of it all. Her mind unable to erase them.

“What’s wrong with her?” Officer Davidson asked.

“I don’t know. She’s never reacted this way,” Chief Inspector Garrett replied.

Garrett knelled down and placed a hand on Abbie’s shoulder. She flinched. Screamed. Crawled away. Curled up in a corner of the room.

“You said she was a sure bet, Garrett. What gives?”

“Oh do shut up, Davidson! I don’t know what’s wrong. She’s always helped in the past.” Garrett stood up and removed his hat. Wiped the sweat away from his forehead. Ran his hand through his greying black hair. Returned his hat to his head.

“Should I call someone?”

“Yeah,” Garrett said as he turned to his Officer. “You’d better call Dr. Addams. He’s worked with Abbie before.”

Garrett was dumbfounded. Abbie was a special young lady. She had the ability to see things just by touching something. She’d helped him solve quite a few cases over the years, but this time, he had no clue what was wrong with her.

“Good Lord, What did you see, Abbie?” he said to the cowering young woman.

Abbie’s mind raced with images. Blood, so much blood. Screams so deafening that her ears were still ringing. A woman stretched out in the middle of her kitchen. Her ears, arms, and legs all severed, placed in a neat pile beside her. The remaining skin on her body being filleted slowly, painfully. Her heart was still beating, but just barely. She was bleeding out quickly. This did not stop the man though. He finished slicing off thin sections of skin and squatted over top of the young woman. He held his knife steady in his hand. With a quick motion, he dragged the knife from just below her breasts, down her chest and stopped just below her belly button. He ripped her chest open and reached inside. Removed her heart. Held the bloody thing up into the air and laughed. A menacing laughter that piered deeply into Abbie’s soul.

Abbie grabbed her ears and screamed over and over again. Garrett ran to her. Wrapped his arms around her body. She struggled to free herself.

No! No! her mind screamed. His touch only intensified the images in her head. She could see everything Garrett had ever witnessed. All of his horrors mingled with the horrors of the kitchen scene.

She shoved Garrett away, jumped up and ran from the room. Garrett followed her, but didn’t touch her again. She curled up on the sofa and wept.

Half an hour later, Dr. Addams arrived. He gave Abbie a sedative and she soon fell asleep.

“What the hell did you do to her?” Addams demanded.

“Nothing, doc. She just touched the blood stain on the floor in there,” Garrett said, pointing to the kitchen, “and freaked out on us.”

Dr. Addams closed his bag and sat down on a nearby chair. “Garrett, you know how sensitive she is. Hell, she can touch a tree and know every growth spurt, each bird that has ever sat in its branches and every insect that runs through it. You should have never brought her to a scene so bloody!”

Garrett paced back and forth through the living room. The doc was right. He should never have brought Abbie here. He was just so desperate. They’d been working the case for weeks without a single clue. He stopped pacing and faced the doctor.

“Do you think she will be okay?”

“Honestly, I don’t know. The last time she got this bad, all she had seen was a drowning boy.” Addams looked at the bloody stain in the kitchen. “I cannot imagine what this has done to her mind.”

“Oh God!” Garrett prayed. “If she ever recovers, I will never force her to do something like this again. I promise you, Dr. Addams!”

“If she survives, Garrett, I will never let you near her again!”

©2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(670 words)

  1. “Excellent story!” she cheered. “So damn scary. I thought when Garrett touched her and she saw the visions, perhaps he was the killer. And, I agree, not a gift I would chose to have.”

    • Funny you should say that about Garrett. I almost made him the killer 😉 Thanks for your lovely compliments dear 🙂

  2. More a curse than a blessing, her “gift”. Imagine going through life like that? Everybody’s hiding something, she’d never be able to trust anyone.
    Great gory horror 🙂

  3. Great story Lori! I loved it! My kind of story.

  4. Oh my gosh, that must have been terrible to not see those images but revisit them over and over. No wonder she screamed. I think I would have gone insane and to see it again when that guy touched her? That’s brutal. I don’t blame the doctor’s decision if she survives.

    • Thank you, Yinglan… this was one of the more unsettling stories I have written so far this month… I wouldn’t want this “gift” of hers. Thanks for your great comments!

      • Well, this is one of my favorite. 🙂 My top favorite is the one on Valentine’s Day and I completely, I wouldn’t want this gift either.

      • oh! I am so glad you liked the Valentine story 😀 It was my favorite to write. You’ve made me a very happy lady 😀

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