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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 50

February 19, 2016


Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do
you think it meant?

I don’t tend to have nightmares. I generally have strange esoteric dreams or erotic dreams. I haven’t had a real nightmare since I was a child. I used to watch the show Emergency with all of the fires and go to bed dreaming of being burned up in a building. I’ve had an intense fascination and fear of fire ever since.

I will share a dream that I had that gave me a bit of a fright, but wasn’t anywhere near the status of a nightmare. This was on December 8, 2015 (yes, I record all of my dreams):

I am the guardian (not babysitter or nanny, definitely guardian) of three young children — an older girl around 13 maybe, a boy around 8-10 and a younger girl around 4-5 yrs old. I am trying to get them ready to go out with their mother and grandmother. It is winter and I am trying to get all 3 of them to put on their coats for the outing. I finally manage to get them all in their coats, and when I finally get the youngest in hers, I bend down to put her cap on her head (a pink toboggan), I confess to her that once I tried to kill her, but that now I will never allow anything bad to happen to her again. She is shocked by my confession and looks up at her mother in dismay. Her mother says to her in a very soft voice “It’s okay, she was very ill then, but she is all better now.”

Scene switches and I am searching through a giant freezer for frozen dinners to make for the children. The kids are running all over the place, laughing, joking and playing. Suddenly, I am standing on top of a long counter-top that spans an entire wall. The youngest girl is running on top of the counter-top too and is just about to fall off the side of the cabinet which is WAY high up in the air. I reach down and grasp her hand into mine and pull her up to safety. I pick her up and cradle her in my arms, whispering “see I told you I wouldn’t let anything happen to you.” Then I realize I am terrified of heights and, still cradling the young girl, I step way back into a corner of the cabinet-top and lean against the wall. I feel our hearts beating quickly with one another and I begin cooing at the young girl to calm her.

When I awaken, I remember the entire dream plus I remember that the surname of the family is Light and the name Judith Light comes to mind, possibly because I have always loved that actress.

After many discussions with both my Reiki Master and my estranged husband over this dream, we came to the conclusion that I was shedding my past of mental health issues and regaining my spiritual self. And working through some issues with my inner child. There were other parts to the interpretation, but those were the main conclusions.

How about you? Ever had any nightmares? Have any clue what they mean? Share your thoughts with me in comments!

  1. Dreams provide us with such a rich and profound learning if we take the time to delve into them. Journalling and analysis of significant dreams is a very interesting thing to do. I do record some of mine, but not consistently. I find that most of the objects and people in my dreams are aspects of myself in some form or another.Thank you for sharing this 🙂

    • Indeed they are, Raili… that’s how Jung viewed dreams… that everything within the dream is some aspect of yourself… I love that way of interpretation.

  2. Lori-There is a lot I would like to say here! 1) How amazing you have your dream written down in a journal! What a good thing! 2) I like that you did a bit of dream analyses with your therapist and ex….I want to know more about dream interpretation sometime in my life. 3) Love your spin on the day’s prompt! Good job!

    Much respect,


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