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A Stormy Feast – #Horror #FlashFiction

February 16, 2016

“A Dark and Stormy Night”
Prompt suggestion from Michael @ Morpethroad


Concept Art by Jared Krichevsky

A Stormy Feast

It is a dark and stormy night. Just the way I like it. In fact, it’s the only way I like it because without it, I cannot come alive and feast. You see, I am a gargoyle, but not your Medieval gargoyles. No, those are my ancestors. They were guardians. I am a new breed for a New World. Sure, it is still my job to guard things, but only when the sun or moon is shining. Something happened though on the voyage to the New World back a few centuries ago. I don’t have the specs on it. I’ve just heard the rumors. Something about a storm at sea and the loss of a sculptor’s son. I just know that now, when I come alive during a storm, I am ravenous and my hunger will not cease until I have devoured a victim.

My journey began in New England where I was crafted and then shipped to Seattle to guard this bank building. There was a terrible thunder storm during my shipment. I woke up in a crate on a train. Hungry. Weary. I clawed my way out and found a brakeman nearby. I didn’t know at the time that his job was so important. I just devoured him, left only his skeleton behind. The train derailed and it took another fortnight before I reached my true destination.

But here I am. Sitting here on top of this bank building, surveying the streets below. It’s a hell of a storm tonight. A lot of thunder, lightning, a real downpour. There won’t be many out on a night like this. I always find at least one fool stupid enough to be out walking alone. I focus my eyes on a nearby underpass. People like to stand under those, thinking they will be safe until the storm passes. I have a keen eye though and spot one easily. A woman dressed in a blue raincoat. No umbrella. Good, she won’t have anything to defend herself.

I release my wings. Shutter them softly in the wind. Stand and cast off. I swoop down into the dusk-filled street below. Dive into the underpass. In one quick whoosh, I scoop the woman up with my clawed feet and carry her away. I prefer to feast in the park under the cover of darkness and trees. I find an isolated spot and set down. Drop the screaming woman beside me. I slash across her mouth with my right front claw.

“Shut up!” I scream.

“Wh…what are you?” she whimpers.

I’ve never gotten accustomed to that question. Oh hello, I am your friendly gargoyle by day and your nightmare by stormy night. I mean seriously, what do they really want to hear? That I won’t eat them? I laugh at my own silliness and get down to business.

I withdraw my wings into my back. Inch closer to the woman. She screams again. A loud shrill that echoes in my ears. I smell her blood. Hear her heart beat quicken. Breathe in her fear. In an instant I am upon her. I rip into her neck and sever her jugular. No more screams. Just a gurgling noise now. I drink her blood, allow it to flow warm and soft down my throat. I raise my head and let out a loud growl. Her blood tastes so sweet! Her body goes limp. I tear through her muscles, feasting and gnawing upon her flesh. I rip out first her heart and suck it down. Then her liver and kidneys. Finally her entrails. Those are the best part. They just glide down my throat like a long wiggling worm. My jagged teeth rip, tear, and shred. Not a single piece of flesh is left behind. Sorry vultures, you will have no reason to circle about here tonight.

As I sit and lick my claws to slurp down the last of her blood, I suddenly hear splashing footsteps. Damn! I release my wings. My eyes glow green in the night as I see a passerby. To feast or not to feast? This was a plump morsel and I am quite full. I guess this one will survive another night. I flap my wings and whoosh away into the storm. Back to my bank building. Back to my guardian job.

©February 2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(723 words)

  1. Wow — excellent story with a neat twist and all. I shall be more careful when I stand under buildings sporting gargoyles. Except I kinda like the homely little fellas and always wanted one of my own. Don’t think I want one quite like yours, ;]

    • Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it… yes, I’ve always loved gargoyles too… but I don’t think I want one like that one either!

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