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My Darling Valentine – Horror Flash Fiction

February 14, 2016

Picture Prompt from FB group Elements of Genre Writing

Warning: extreme blood and gore.

Bloody Valentine

My Darling Valentine

“Keep your eyes closed,” he said as he led her into the room. “No peeking!” he whispered aggressively. “Okay, now open your eyes.”

Katie blinked her eyes open. Her face lit up and she clasped her hands together. She laughed in delight. “Oh Damien! It is gorgeous. Did you do all of this?”

All of this entailed renting the room of a building that was being renovated, putting up soft twinkling lights, arranging for a piano, and catering to be brought in with a table filled with champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, whipped cream and an elegant steak dinner being kept warm on hotplates. So yes, he did all of this. For her.

“Yes, my darling Valentine. All of this, for you.” Damien said out loud.

Katie laughed, breathless, as she twirled around the room. The lights dancing in her blue eyes. Her blond hair sprayed out across her face. Her red dress swishing and swaying about her hips, thighs and upper calf. Damien stood there in awe.

“Come, my darling. Let’s have some champagne and then I will play you a love song on the piano.”

Damien pulled out a chair for Katie and she sat down. She smiled up at him as he poured the champagne and handed her a glass. He raised his own into the air.

“To you, my beautiful one.”

They clinked glasses and she downed her drink. Damien sat his down on the table, untouched. He walked around the table for a few moments, smiling at her, and watching her closely. Katie just laughed at his antics. Her arm twitched. And then her right eye.

Damien stopped. He stood in front of her and pulled out a small box from his jacket pocket. He opened it and placed it on the table. A large diamond ring.

Katie tried to smile. Tried to lift a hand toward the ring. Her body wouldn’t respond. Panic gripped her. Her eyes stared blankly ahead. She couldn’t even blink.

“I am sorry, Katie-love, but you see, I put a neuromuscular-blocking drug in your drink. A small dosage. You are paralyzed for now. But you will feel everything.” He laughed as he went to the piano and began playing.

“For you, all for you, my love. I’d forsake all others for you, my love…” Damien sang.

He stopped abruptly and came back to the table. “I would have, Katie! Everyone!”

Damien walked over to his black bag and opened it. He pulled out some surgical gear – a scalpel and a round ocular tool. Then he took out a handsaw and placed it on the table beside the other tools. He grabbed the scalpel and returned to Katie.

“You lied to me, Katie. You said you were solely mine. You promised me that you’d left all other men,” he said calmly, as he bent down, his face within inches of her face. “Do you know what they did to liars in the Dark Ages? They ripped out their tongues!” he snarled at her. He forced open her mouth, gripped her tongue and sliced it off. “No more lies!” he screamed.

Damien laughed as he returned to the piano, began playing his tune again, and sang. “For you, all for you, my love. I’d walk blindly through the fire for you, my love…”

He stopped again, stood up and walked back over to Katie, picking up the ocular tool along the way. Blood drenched her dress. A small pool of it settled at her feet. Her eyes looked straight forward, glassy.

“I bet you wouldn’t walk blindly anywhere for me, now would you, Katie? But you loved looking at other men, didn’t you? Looking, lusting, touching them!”

He tilted her head back and with quick precision, he gouged out first her right eye, then her left eye with the round ocular tool. Blood flowed down her face. Dripped from her chin.

“You will never see anyone again, my darling Valentine!”

Damien returned to the piano. “For you, all for you, my love. I’d hold only you, my love…”

He returned to Katie with the handsaw in his hands. He ran the blades along her cheek, across her chest, and down to her hands. He gripped one of her hands tightly and placed it hard against the table. As he sawed at it, he hummed the tune he’d been playing. Her blood spewed everywhere, covering him, the table, the floor. He snapped the delicate wrist bone and tossed the hand aside. Then proceeded to saw off the other hand, snapping its wrist and tossing it aside as well.

“You will touch no one again!”

He went back to the piano, now smeared with Katie’s blood and played. “For you, all for you, my love. I’d give my heart only for you, my love…”

He stopped playing and walked back to Katie. He bent down and whispered into her ear. “I bet you know what’s coming next, Katie-love.”

©February 2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(826 words)

  1. “Dexter, which I only managed to watch a few times came to mind as Damien (great name — Omen reference?) got out his black bag.” “I felt every cut, gouge, saw (especially as I totally fractured my right wrist years ago),” she said, adding, “This one is going to show up in my dreams. Which means it was damn well written.”

    • Thank you, dear! I watched every episode of Dexter. One of my favorite shows. So yes, he was on my mind when I wrote this piece, and yes.. the Omen reference. I am sorry it will haunt your dreams, but I am glad you enjoyed it nonetheless 🙂

  2. Ahhh!!! I actually screamed and jumped. It’s how startling scary this was. I felt like I was there watching that psychopath removing her body parts!!! Brilliantly told.

    • *laughs* thank you, Yinglan! I wasn’t sure it would be scary enough 🙂 glad you liked it.. even if it scared you 🙂

      • I loved it. I love stories like that, the kind that make me jump and scream like when I’m watching something on TV.

      • Yeah, I have a twisted sense of humor and enjoy this kind of thing too… although, I couldn’t hurt even a fly… funny how that works.. *laughs*

  3. Thank you, dear!

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