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WTF Bulgaria?

February 11, 2016


WTF is going on in Bulgaria today? 58 views from there. Holy cow! Did my blog get hijacked by Bulgarians for some odd reason?

Has anyone else ever noticed a strange anomaly like this before on your blog?

  1. Awesome 🙂 I’m going over to check my stats right now. I do seem to have a gaggle (is that even the right word? may be it should be lens…) of Japanese. I don’t know any Japanese people… the blogosphere is a funny place!

    • It really is a fun place.. a few weeks ago, Nigerians viewed my blog a lot. Then all of these Bulgarians. I am tickled to death that people all over the world are visiting, I just wonder why sometimes.. lol

  2. No, but considering the subject of my blog, perhaps a Bulgarian swarm will be imminently gathering.

  3. Haha… now you are gonna attract even more… like myself, also Bulgarian 😀 Probably someone stumbled upon your page and liked it! Curious Bulgarians…

    • *laughs* That’s great though. I have nothing against Bulgarians.. just was shocked to see that many views. Welcome to my webspace!

  4. not a clue here

  5. Something like that happened to me a couple of times and those days’ views were especially high.

  6. Well on one day I had many visitors from Russia. They were all targeting one specific post, so I guess it means that someone has shared your post there 😀

    • Odd Mrs Suvi! I couldn’t detect any one post that was shared though… most of the views were just on my main page. Thanks for stopping by!

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