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Upcoming Once in a Lifetime Event

February 9, 2016

*Steps up onto a platform in WordPress City and blows a horn*


Ladies and Gentlemen and creatures of all kinds, I would like to make an announcement!

*drum roll*

For the first and ooooonly time, here on Promptly Written, I will be writing a special story for all of you for Leap Day. This is something that I swore I would never, ever, ever write.

“So why do it?” someone in the crowd yells.

Ah, Evelyn, one of my randy little muses, dictates it so. She isn’t often around, so when she has an idea, I generally listen.

The event will take place during my 365 Days of Writing Prompts post on February 29th (whereas, this will change to 366 Days of Writing Prompts).

Teaser: This isn’t your grandpa’s baseball game.

And don’t forget there will also be a special Twisted Leap Day story for Horror Tales! It should be a fascinating day here on Promptly Written!

See you then!

*Begins to climb down off of the platform. Trips down the stairs. Stands up, embarrassed. Slinks away into the shadows*

  1. I’m looking forward to reading what you have to offer us 🙂 Please don’t trip and break a leg!

  2. Leap year, eh? Okay, I’ll be back. You are such a tease, Ravyne. Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope the rest of February is fabulous.

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