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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 38

February 7, 2016

Right to health

Is access to medical care something that governments should
provide, or is it better left to the private sector? Are there
drawbacks to your choice?

Wow, these questions are determined to get me in heaps of hot water. This one is also controversial. When it comes to health care and education, I am a Socialist. There, I said it. But you have to also stop and ask, Who is the government? Well, WE the people are the government. So in essence, if the government provides for health care, then WE the people are providing for it.

This is where I will always differ from the Capitalists. Capitalists are ME people. What’s in it for me? What can I do for me? How much money can I make for Me? They are selfish and even those who are philanthropists are still only thinking about themselves because they want the appearance of being a do-gooder while they go around screwing the small guy daily.  For me, the signs of a healthy country is one that takes care of its people – the old, the needy, and children. And part of that is supplying them with free health care. I believe that being a WE person is more important than being a ME person when it comes to a society issue like this.

I worked for well over 30 years of my life before I became disabled. I paid my taxes. I paid my dues. If it meant having free health care now that I am disabled, then I would gladly have paid twice the amount of taxes than I did. I know some people say that being on Medicare is close to free health care, but it isn’t so. I still have to pay some co-payments and I still pay for my prescriptions, some of which are outrageously expensive.

The only draw back to this is that in the United States, the Capitalists will always win out. They have all of the money and the power and they keep it to themselves. They have lobbyists who line the pockets of OUR elected officials to keep themselves in power. The whole system is corrupt and broken. It is ME-centric and so long as this continues, there will never be true free health care in the United States.

  1. An interesting conundrum. I believe that quality health care should be available to everyone, regardless of their ability to pay for it. I am familiar with two systems: in the UK, the National Health Service is funded from general taxation, and is free at the point of delivery; in France, everything is chargeable, but a large percentage is paid by the state health insurance agency (funded from so-called social contributions, which is a form of taxation) while the insurance market has an absolute requirement to provide affordable cover to pay for the rest. Both systems work well. Both ensure that health care is available to all, but both are under extreme financial pressure.
    Neither, however, suffers from anything like the crippling costs of which one hears from the USA, partly due to the fact that remuneration levels are probably lower on average, but also due to the much lower levels and costs of litigation.

    • Thank you for your well-written and well-explained comment, Keith. It is a conundrum and I fear it will never get better here in the US. Our health care is horribly expensive. Insurance rates continue to climb and now everyone is forced to have insurance or pay a tax penalty. Drug costs are through the ceiling and many elderly and poor just don’t take their medicine or enough of it because of the costs. It’s a horrible system. I am glad there are suitable systems in the UK and France, but I wish they weren’t so financially burdened. I guess there are just no real solutions anywhere.

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