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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 37 & R.I.D.

February 6, 2016

R.I.D. – Reader Interactive Day! Yes, you, my readers, get to help me finish today’s story. Please leave your conclusion in comments! Thanks!


Choose your adventure

Write a story or post with an open ending, and let your
readers invent the conclusion.



Amelia flips through the magazine as she waits in the doctor’s office. Her mind drifts to the scenes in Paris, London, Tokyo. All of the places she’d once visited. All of the glorious landscapes, buildings, marketplaces and people she’d once photographed. She sighs as she turns a page.

Bill should be here, she thinks as she closes the magazine and checks her PDA. We’ve been divorced for two years and I still run his mother to her appointments. She sighs again.

She scans through her calendar. Chris’s 19th birthday is coming up in a week. She will have to attend Pauline’s Parent’s Day at her college in two weeks. David’s twins will be in Day Care until 3 pm. She is in charge of picking them up for the next three weeks until David and his wife Maggie get off of work at 5 pm. After that, Maggie will be a stay at home mom, just like Amelia was.  They are all grown, she thinks, and still I have no time of my own. She glances at another appointment. Her old mentor in college. He is interested in her photography. Wants to take her to Manila with him next month. Says she can renew her passion.

“Mrs. Jackson?” a nurse says as she approaches Amelia.

Amelia looks up. She is still accustomed to her former name. “Ms. Artice,” she corrects the nurse. “I am divorced from Mrs. Jackson’s son.”

“Oh, I am sorry,” the nurse apologizes as she blushes. “Your ex mother-in-law is most unwell, I am afraid. Will you please come back to her room?”

Amelia follows the nurse back to the check-up room where her mother-in-law sits upon a long table. Her head is bowed. Amelia goes to her side.

“Nancy, what is it?”

Nancy Jackson looks up at Amelia with blood shot eyes. “The tumor is back.”

The doctor walks in and sits down at his desk. “Ms. Artice, Mrs. Jackson,” he says, addressing both women. “The prognosis isn’t good. The tumor is stage three and since it is in the middle of the brain, I am afraid operating isn’t an option. Do you understand, Mrs. Jackson?”

Nancy nods. She looks up at Amelia again, this time with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“Will chemo help, doctor?” Amelia asks.

The doctor leans over and pats Nancy on the hand. “We will do a round of chemo and radiation, but it may not work. I don’t want to give you false hope.”

“If it doesn’t work,” Nancy whispers, “how long, doctor?”

“Six months to a year.”

Amelia helps Nancy out of the doctor’s office and into the car. Once Nancy is comfortable, she calls Bill to let him know the diagnosis.

“Bill?” she says when he comes on the line. “It isn’t good. The tumor is back. Yes, I know you are still in Germany. Bill, you need to come home. I have a life too, Bill. But you know I have plans for next month. Bill?” she sighs as she clicks off her phone. Amelia turns to Nancy…

Okay, Readers… now it is your turn…

Amelia has come to a cross-roads in her life. Her marriage is over. Her children are grown. She gave up her life as a travel photographer to raise her three children. However, her ailing mother-in-law still depends on her. What would you do? Travel and take photographs or stay and help your ailing mother-in-law? Write the conclusion!

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