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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 36

February 5, 2016

Call me, maybe

Describe your relationship with your phone. Is it your lifeline,
a buzzing nuisance, or something in between?

I hate phones. They annoy me. People on phones, they annoy me too (I will get to that in a moment – back to just the phone though).

I guess you could say I have a love-hate relationship with them. I see them as a necessary evil that should only be used in dire emergencies. I do not, nor have I ever owned a cell phone. I don’t want some device hovering over me 24/7. I don’t even allow my laptop to hover that long. I have a landline (yes, these do still exist), but most of the time I keep it unplugged. Only a few people call me anyway because most people who know me know I hate to talk on the phone. I have email and Facebook if someone needs to be in touch with me. And if it is mega-urgent, they know to call my dad’s landline number. The thing about them that annoys me the most is the ringtones. Most landline phones have a horrid ring. Even cordless phones have seriously bad ringtones. I can never find one that doesn’t drive me bat-shit crazy. And you never know when they are going to ring. They interrupt my train of thought, or a movie I am watching, or wake me up at inconvenient times. Can you tell I prefer my solitude? Indeed, I do.

And that brings me back to people on phones. When did privacy get shuttered away like a wicked step-child? People have no concerns for others anymore. They stand in line yapping away, spewing out their daily lives and bad laundry. I don’t want to hear about your life. Seriously, I don’t! They walk down the street yammering to themselves with hidden ear devices. Didn’t they use to lock people up for talking to themselves in public? And worse of all, if an attendant of some kind is waiting on these people and these people are in the middle of a conversation, they will either ignore the person attending them, or shoo them away. What the hell? Yes, I worked in places where this happened all too often. Well excuse me for inconveniencing you, but you came to my counter! I’ve actually seen two people, sitting side by side or across a table from one another texting each other! People, you still have mouths! You’d better use them before evolution deems them unnecessary and removes them from our DNA!

So no thank you. Phones are for people who are chatty or self-important. Give me silence and solitude.

  1. mattysan permalink

    all too true lori!..awesome read!

  2. Thanks for the link-back 🙂

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