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Portal to Hell – Horror Flash Fiction

February 2, 2016

“Portal to Hell in the Bathroom (discovered during renovations)”
Prompt suggestion from adarkenedhouse


Portal to Hell

Portal to Hell

“You almost done in there, Felix?” Doug O’Malley said as he poked his head around the corner.

“Almost, sir. Ugh!”

Bang. Bang.

“Goddamit!” Felix screamed.

Bang. Bang.

“Fuck this!” he yelled as he sent a pipe wrench flying across the room.

Doug entered the bathroom to survey his plumber’s work. They’d been renovating this bathroom for nearly a week and the job was still not completed. The house was over a hundred years old and the last renovation was nearly fifty years ago. Doug expected a few hiccups, but this was bordering on ridiculous.

“Boy, what the hell are you going on about?”

Felix stood up and dusted off his trousers. “It’s this damn hole, sir. Took me forever to get this toilet bowl free of it and now the blasted thing is cemented over!” Felix wiped the sweat off his face with an old rag and looked up at his boss. “We’re going to need a jackhammer, sir.”

Doug pulled out his cell phone and began cursing as he dialed a number. If they were lucky, they’d have a jackhammer by lunch time. “Start on the tiles,” he yelled back at Felix.

An hour later, the jackhammer arrived and Doug handed the machine over to Felix. “You sure you know how to operate one of these things?”

“Sure enough, sir.”

“Then get at it! I am going to get lunch and when I get back, I want that hole cleared!”

Doug returned a half an hour later to a horrendous sound. Loud moans and screams hit him as soon as he stepped out of his truck. “What the hell?” he muttered as he dropped the bag of burgers and sodas and ran into the house. If he didn’t know better, he’d swear there was a massacre happening in there. He climbed the staircase two by two until he reached the top landing. He gasped for air as the screams got louder and louder, deafening him. He muffled his ears with his hands and headed for the bathroom. The door was closed and a red light glowed from under the doorway. He turned the door handle, jerked his hand away and winced as his hand seared from the heat. Was the room on fire? He didn’t see any smoke or flames.

“Felix! Goddamit boy, answer me!” But Felix didn’t answer, only the screams and moans filtered out through the door.

Doug backed away from the door and searched around the hallway. He found a large fire-proof blanket, wrapped it around his body and charged at the door like an old mad bull. The door gave a bit, but didn’t open. He backed away and charged at it again. It still didn’t give. The screams kept getting louder. His ears began to bleed. He could feel the warm blood trickling down the sides of his neck. He went to the end of the long hallway and ran as fast as his fifty-year-old legs would carry him and smashed full force into the door. He heard the cracking of the wood off of the hinges and it finally gave, sending him flailing into the bathroom. He crashed into the wall just opposite the door.

“Holy shit!” he screamed as his eyes adjusted to the bright red light surrounding him. He turned his head around and wrapped the blanket tightly about his head and body as the heat from the hole in the floor hit him full force in the face. Where the hell was Felix? Had he hit a gas mainline with that damn jackhammer?

“Felix? Where the hell are you?” he yelled as he tried once again to look around at the hole in the floor. He put one hand up to shelter his eyes. The hand burst into flames. He screamed in pain as he wrapped the hand back inside the blanket. “Felix!” he screamed again. And then he heard him, a faint scream among all of the other screams.

“Mr. O’Malley, run! For God’s sake, run!”

Doug turned to do as Felix instructed. He went toward the door. He was close. He could feel cooler air on his face. Just a few more inches. His feet felt like lead. He heard his pulse pounding in his ears along with the endless moans and screams coming from the hole.

And then something had a grip around his ankles.

He jerked his feet, but the grip was tight. He felt a searing pain as the flesh on his ankles began to melt away. The smell of burnt flesh hit him and his stomach wretched.

He screamed out in agony. The pain. Oh God, the pain!

The grip tightened around his now-bare bones.

He collapsed to the floor, nearly losing consciousness. He was being dragged. He felt the blanket strip away from his body. The heat intensified the further and further he was dragged back into the room, closer and closer to that red hole. He clawed at the floor with his unburned hand, trying to hold on to anything, but there was just dust and bits of cement.

He screamed as his entire body burst into flames. His flesh melted away. Pain overcame him and he closed his eyes. Breathed in one last gasp of air.

Doug slowly regained consciousness. He heard voices, moans and screams. Felt intense fire consuming his body. The pain returned. He let out a blood-curling scream. In the distance, he could hear laughter, menacing, disgusting laughter. He tried to open his eyes, but they were seared closed.

“How many did we get this time?” Doug heard a deep, echoing voice say.

“Two, my Lord.”

“Good work. Now seal up that hole.”

©February 2016 Lori Carlson. All rights reserved.

(939 words)

  1. Wow — now that is scary. I felt like I was dissolving with Doug! Glad you liked my idea. And, the bathroom is the perfect portal, is it not?

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