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Neuropathy Has Made Me Clumsy

January 31, 2016

for JusJoJan – Prompt: Clumsy

I’ve never been a clumsy person, unless drunk (like the time I went to the kitchen in the restaurant where I waitressed to cook me and a friend burger and fries. I was wasted, the floor was slick and I was in high heels. On the way to the counter to place the plates there, I slipped and fell, but didn’t lose even a single fry!) or not paying close attention to my footing (like as a child when I was playing kick-the-can with the neighbor’s grandkids and my foot slipped between the sidewalk and grass and I twisted my ankle). I’ve always managed to keep my footing well otherwise. Until 2012 that is.

I had uterine cancer and 7 months of chemo. As a result, I developed severe neuropathy in both of my feet. They are so numb that it feels like I am wearing padded socks all the time. I literally cannot feel where I am placing my feet and often stumble around like an old drunk. Even stepping on a small pebble sends horrid shock waves through my feet and legs, so I tend to jump, stumble, and bump into things. I lose my balance a lot and will walk into walls and doorways. I need a cane to stay balanced when I go out in public. I wouldn’t wish this kind of clumsiness on my worse enemy.

Just Jot January has now come to a close, but if you’d like to join in next year, you can see the rules here



  1. Neuropathy has caused me more injuries than any other factor. Please be careful! Keeping you in my prayers. Dani

    • Thank you, Dani 🙂 I do try to be careful, just that sometimes, my feet don’t know where they are. I am sorry that you deal with it too.

  2. Terrible aftershocks to have. Must be extremely frustrating. Sure glad you beat the cancer tho 🙂

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