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Honoring My Ancestors

January 30, 2016

for JusJoJan and SoCS – Prompt: “an-” 

I love Genealogy. I’ve traced my ancestry back to four locations: Ireland, England, Germany and the Cherokee tribes of North Carolina. So I am a mixed bag of Celtic, Anglo, Nordic and Native American Indian cultures and I embrace them all. I also love Mythology and am a practicing Witch and because of this, I have embraced the Gods and Goddesses of both the Celts and the Norse. I also honor the Great Spirit because of the Cherokee blood running through me. I believe it is important to honor all of my ancestors, those as far back to the pagan days, as well as my more modern ancestors. So it is not unusual for me to also honor my Christian ancestors and embrace both Jesus and Mother Mary.

I guess you could say that I see the Oneness in it all and as a result, I don’t see a conflict of interest. My Ancestors all had great wisdom running through their cultures and in times of need, I tap into that wisdom. Sometimes I need the words of the Great Spirit, sometimes the words of Jesus, other times I need to be reminded of the strengths of the Celts or the Norse. I will call upon my Animal Spirit Guides, the raven and the hawk, or upon Jesus, or upon a particular God or Goddess.

So when I wish to honor my Ancestors, I will light a candle, send up a prayer and give thanks to them all for making me such a mixed bag and being open to all of the possibilities that exist in this great Oneness of life.


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  1. My ancestors (Thair is my family name) can be traced back to the Vikings (the name is a bastardisation of “Thor”)

    • Oh wow! That is so cool. I would love to have a name like that after the mighty God Thor himself!

      • Strangely, nobody in my family is blond or red-haired, but I discovered that the Vikings had two main genealogical branches; the red/blond one that colonised Scotland and the North of England, and the dark-haired one which invaded the southern part of the UK. The Thairs are descended from the latter, apparently.

      • That’s interesting! Apparently there are some Black Irish on my mother’s side.. these were from a Roman invasion, so black-haired blue eyed Irish came from them. I am blond with blue eyes, so I must have a lot of German in me.. a cousin got the red hair and green eyes, so apparently more of the Irish. Surprisingly enough, the reddish brown tint from the Cherokee blood skipped me, but it is in my dad and brother. All of this is so fascinating to me!

  2. Really lovely — especially the way you feel oneness instead of conflict 🙂

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