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Keeping Secrets – Poetry

January 20, 2016

for JusJoJan – Prompt: Surreptitiously



Keeping Secrets

What is it about you
that makes me act
so surreptitiously?
to sneak out into the night
walk through graveyards
and find myself here
in your arms again

I’ve had secret lovers before
stolen kisses from married men
orgasmic nights with married women
will take those secrets
to my grave, but with you
why do I want to scream
from mountain tops that you are mine?

I’ve already lost my soul
you’ve leeched out my blood
left me mere bones
and still I want you
would die for you
even live for you
but not keep secrets for you

I am damaged goods now
eternally lost in your eyes
in need of our lust
desperate to make us known
who will want me now
that I’ve become like you?
a night creature, unknown

Copyright ©January 2016 Lori Carlson


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  1. Wow very passionate beautiful and loving piece!

    • Thanks, Dan 🙂

      • Your welcome that was very great writing!

      • now you’ve gone and made me blush, Dan 😉 *bows*

      • You should take a bow. Your writing is very good.

      • eh, it is decent. I am still honing my skills 🙂 but thank you for saying so 🙂

      • I think I have talent but what has made me a great writer is Majoring in English with some great teachers who helped me make major improvements in my writing and also spending the last 3 years writing almost every day has really made me better. Practice makes perfect. Remember not to worry about your writing it’s fine and make sure you get what is most important out of it and that is fun. Writing is a lot of fun.

      • Yeah, I majored in English too and did my Masters in Creative Writing… had some amazing teachers as well… I agree, writing is fun and if it ever becomes a chore.. time to give it up. 🙂

      • I had the greatest teacher Eve Sorum she had the most difficult class ever in Advanced Poetry. She gave me extra help and I worked hardest in her glass getting a B. Gettng a B in her class is like getting an A+. She was a lovely kind woman and we got along well. I was by far her favorite student. I wrote her a tribute last year 3 years after I had graduated from her class. It made her real happy. I bet not all her students do that for her. She deff deserved it.

      • That’s great, Dan… I am sure she was surprised.. happily so 🙂 I had some tough teachers too.. especially in poetry. One frightened me so much that I could hardly turn in work, but it all ended well

      • Yea we had a good student teacher relationship. We liked each other and got along well. I made her laugh a lot and I could tell she liked me the first thing she said on the first day of class was reffering to me ‘I can see by the smug look on the face of the gentlemen in the corner he is one of our graduating students this semester’ We had some good times talking about class and poetry. She told me our class was such a fun class.

  2. Wow, passionate stuff, love it.

  3. Powerful – this is a great poem Lori … many compliments!

  4. Lori, this is one of the best poems I’ve ever read! I love it!

  5. Love the poem, it’s strange how someone can come along and blindside you isn’t it?

    • thanks Aaron 🙂 and yes.. it doesn’t take much for it to happen… some people can be so convincing 🙂

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