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Sacrifice: Blessing or Curse?

January 13, 2016

for JusJoJan – Prompt: Sacrifice

I have misgivings about this word, sacrifice. I think it gets too romanticized. Everyone’s willing to sacrifice themselves for some cause: love, war, rebellion, religion, family. People seem to think sacrificing is such a noble virtue or some holy mandate. Instead it has created a sick society.

What about the kids who sacrifice their childhoods because they don’t have responsible parents and they have to grow up way before their time? Is that noble? Is it a holy mandate? And what about the parents who have to sacrifice their own lives to give their children a better life? Some would say that is noble, but there is nothing holy about it. In fact, I guarantee that behind most of those parents (who sacrifice their own lives for their children) were parents who sacrificed nothing for them growing up. It is a vicious cycle of pain and hurt.

This notion of sacrifice has been in our face for millennium. Battles have been fought over it. Religious leaders have died because of it. Lovers have surrendered because of it.

I know a little about sacrifice. I sacrificed a happy childhood because of a mother who lived in her past and couldn’t or wouldn’t live in the here and now. Because I inherited her depression, I sacrificed not having children because I didn’t want to pass this dis~ease down to them. I sacrificed getting close to people because I knew what hurt and pain was and I didn’t want to inflict mine on them. So yes, I know a little about sacrifice. I know it is selfish and a curse. There are no blessings that come with it. Sacrifice always causes someone somewhere pain and suffering.

We humans, as a species, do not want true peace and joy. We thrive on pain and loss and destruction. And anyone who says something alternative to that are sacrificed. The only way to break this vicious cycle is to give without expectations of getting anything back. Love unconditionally. And let go of things we have no control over. Sounds a bit like Jesus, yes? And what did we do to him? Sacrificed him. I rest my case.


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  1. It sounds like you’ve sacrificed a lot. I think the key is that even through the sacrifices, we find peace and joy.

    • It can sure feel like it and thank you, I am definitely more at peace these days now that I have let so much of the regret go. Thanks for stopping by and commenting 🙂

  2. Sacrifice is romanticized because when you here what someone has given up for a cause or belief it is deeply touching. However, when a person truly sacrifice they do it willingly, they do it “without the expectations of getting anything back.” If someone has sacrifice something, and they mentioned it after the fact; i.e this is what I’ve done for you, then tell me, were they genuine or did they feel that they were compelled to do it. I believe having to do something and sacrificing for something are two different things.

    Just some thoughts on your piece.

    • Thank you for your thought provoking comment… I’ve always had to deal with people who claimed to sacrifice all for me and then threw it up in my face afterwards.. I guess this is why I don’t deal with sacrifices well.

      • Like you said you do something out of the goodness of your heart, without expectations of returns, throwing something back at some one just shows how disingenuous that person was.

      • Indeed… thanks 🙂

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