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365 Days of Writing Prompts: Day 9

January 9, 2016


You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe
what’s in the room.


Creak. Creak. Creak.

I awaken. Startled.

Creak. Creak. Creak.

I sit straight up in my bed, my eyes widened in the darkness to see. I glance around me. By the window, in the dim light of the crescent moon, I make out a figure sitting in my rocking chair.

Creak. Creak. Creak.

“Hello?” I call out. No reply.

I reach for the lamp by my bed and turn on the light. Nothing happens.

“Hello? Who are you?” I ask, panicked.

Creak. Creak. Creak.

I dart from my bed and head for the door, frantically turning the knob, but it is locked. I try the over-head light switch. Nothing.

Creak. Creak. Creak.

I turn around to face whoever or whatever is sitting in my rocking chair. A car drives by and its lights illuminate a face.

“Oh my god! No!” I scream.

The creaking stops. The figure stands up. I see a raised hand and a knife’s blade glimmering in the moonlight.

I shriek and run for my bed, diving under the covers.

“This can’t be. Impossible!”

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

The sound gets closer. I cringe and wait for the inevitable.

Squeak. Squeak. Squeak.

The covers are jerked back in one swift motion. Standing before me, arm raised, knife aimed at my chest is Bozo the Clown. My sister’s childhood toy. My greatest fear materialized before my eyes. I close my eyes and scream.




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