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A Night Out – Flash Fiction

January 7, 2016

This was the moment she’d been waiting for. A chance to prove to herself that she was worthy of such a man, such a date. In all of her fifty years, she never believed in such worthiness. She’d made so many mistakes.

Calliope reached into her closet and withdrew the dress that she hoped would charm this man she’d recently met online. She pulled the cleaner’s bag off of it and held it before her eyes. Mid-drift, black, lacy. Sexy. Yes, she was definitely going for sexy. She took out the red stiletto heels and placed them on the bed beside the dress.

She walked over to her dressing table and sat down. She glanced into the mirror as though seeing herself for the first time. Her long black hair still showed no grey. There were a few wrinkles invading her eyes and around her lips, but she could mend those with some make-up. Her green eyes, normally clouded or jaded as her friends liked to say, were sparkling as brightly as any emerald. Shaking her head with a slight amusing laugh, she went about the task of putting her face on. The face of a confidant woman she would present to her new man.

After the make-up and putting her hair in a soft bun with strands of hair dusting her face, Calliope slipped on her slip, hose and then the dress. She stood before the mirror and smoothed the dress over her stomach and hips. Not bad for a divorced mother of three and grandmother of two. Satisfied with her appearance, she slipped on her heels, checked her red lipstick in the mirror once more and then grabbed her handbag.

Calliope arrived at the restaurant five minutes before the scheduled date. He had offered to pick her up at home, but she was a bit weary about giving her address to someone she’d only been talking to online for two months. Instead, they agreed to meet at a little Italian bistro in the Village. She strolled into the restaurant and gave her name to the Maรฎtre d and was surprised to hear that her party was already waiting for her. Punctual. She liked that. She followed as she was led to a small table near the back of the restaurant – quiet, dimly lit and romantic. She liked that too.

When the Maรฎtre d moved aside to reveal her date, Calliope let out a breath and blushed.

“Oh, it’s you…,” she whispered.

Seated before her was the one man she’d let escape her life when she was only twenty. Marcus, her college sweetheart. So he was Romeo2015.


For Tale Weaver #47 โ€“ a Night Out and Mindlovesmisery Menagerie

  1. Lovely story, Lori. A chance many don’t get — to find that lost love. Hope it works out for them!

  2. Oh how cool Lori, her long lost love appears…I do hope he enjoyed meeting her again….thanks for contributing to the Tale Weaver…

    • Thanks, Michael! It was fun creating her story and yes, I think they will have an enjoyable evening together.. 30 yrs to catch up on ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Again, thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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