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The Trouble with Dachshunds

January 4, 2016

from JusJoJan – prompt: Dachshunds


I’d always thought dachshunds were adorable dogs. We called them wiener dogs as kids because of their shape.I always thought I would have one as an adult.

My thoughts on them changed dramatically in 2011 when I went to live with a friend who had four of them. Yes, I still thought they were cute, but they are yappy and my tolerance for yappy dogs has diminished greatly over the years as I’ve grown sensitive to noises.

But that wasn’t all… my friend did not have them very well trained and kept food and water out for them around the clock. So you can well imagine what kind of “mess” I woke up to each morning, all over the house. And since my friend was a late sleeper… yes, it was I who had to clean up the “mess” each morning or live with the stench until she did, which was also impossible as I’d become sensitive to smells as well.

This experience with this adorable breed of dogs has greatly hindered any notion within me to own such a dog. Prior to this, I had often thought of how wonderful it would be to have a small lap dog, but after this, I know I will only ever own large breeds of dogs. They don’t yap, they whoop. And I know that any dog, regardless of size, that I would own would definitely be house trained.


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  1. Dachsies get as trained as they want to be! They are beyond stubborn and essentially rotten! We have 4 and it’s like running a barking circus.

    • oh my goodness! 4 of them! I would be slightly bonkers.. lol They are adorable dogs though, I can see the attraction to them.

      • I love them but they are self important, ridiculous and refuse to acknowledge that they are small dogs!

      • *laughs* my friend’s dogs were like that too… nasty little things most of the time

  2. House training is an absolute must! I think that would put me off too. :/

    • yeah, and by the time I stayed with my friend.. all of the dogs were pretty much set in their ways… I tried to train them, but got fussed at for taking their food and water away at night and for putting them straight outside after eating and leaving them there a while… it was quite the battleground and I failed, of course.

  3. I did try to train my former pet dachshund to run to fetch but the poor thing became too disorientated and started running there before the stick was thrown. Maybe it was smart.

    • They tend to have minds of their own… very hard to train, from what I’ve read about them 🙂 at least you tried! Cheers!

  4. I had a friend whose family had two dachshunds(actually at one time they had 5 dogs(the dachs as well as 2 labs and I think a cocker spaniel). They didn’t have to deal with messes in the house,but they were yappy things and I was always afraid of stepping on them. We’re more food of bigger dogs here too. We have a lab right now and will be getting a terrier/lab mix puppy soon. My dad has a Great Pyrenees that my kids love to walk, but they act almost afraid of small dogs.

    • I think two things make small dogs frightening… their yap and their unpredictable behavior… are they all bark, no bite… type of thing. Sounds like the new puppy will be beautiful with that combination! Good luck with it 🙂 Thanks for stopping by for a read and and comment 🙂

  5. Valid points. That would likely turn a lot of people off from a breed.
    I’ve only known precious, lovable, fiercely loyal dachshunds, but I can’t say it’s a breed I’d choose for our house. I’m way too fond of larger, furrier dogs 🙂 (And well-trained ones, at that. lol That’s not optional!)

    • *laughs* same here… I had a very well trained English Pointer when I lived in Oklahoma. My favorite dogs are the Great Dane.. have always wanted one.

      • Oh I know, right?
        I dog sit one for a bit over a month when we were in Georgia and my neighbor’s husband was wounded. She had to go to Germany — my other neighbor took the puppy, and I took the grown female. She said I could have pick of the litter when it came time, but um, I ended up changing my mind about that. Angel was a beautiful Harlequin, and a very good, smart dog. But her accidents were, as you can imagine, GIGANTIC. Also, cleaning up drool and stepping on hair splinters was not my favorite. I kept her as long as I could, until I realized she was escaping the fence every time I put her out. Great dog, just not for me.

      • Yes, they do love to escape! Which is probably why I’ve never owned one yet… would have to build a HUGELY tall fence… lol A friend of mine in Roanoke VA used to breed them as well and she had a 10 foot fence and the tallest of the danes could see past it! I cannot even imagine… lol

      • Oh yes, it’s like that! I will likely write about Angel’s adventures sometime — as I said, she was so smart 😉

      • I look forward to your writings then… they really are smart dogs 🙂

  6. morgaine620 permalink

    You need to be quite firm with a Dachshund as they are extremely stubborn. They were bread to help hunters to get badgers out of their dens so they needed to be able to think for themselves meaning they need a real firm hand to be house trained. And I believe their yappiness comes from their task too :-). Thanks for a great post

    • Thanks for a great topic! Yes, my friend offered no discipline to her dogs at all… just let them come and do as they pleased. They were all quite stubborn!

      • morgaine620 permalink

        Oh dear I bet they were 🙂

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