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Stranded – Flash Fiction

December 28, 2015

Photo Prompt:


“Looks like we are stranded, sir,” First Helmsman Casey McCoy said as he handed the Captain his report.

Captain Jerome Addams took the tablet and scanned the report. “You are a hundred percent sure there is nothing to be done?”

“A hundred percent, sir.”

Captain Addams handed the tablet back to McCoy and dismissed him. He gazed out the large viewing window of his ship at the indigo skyline before him. He’d been stranded on planets before, but not usually this far from Earth, and at least back then he was able to send a distress signal before they crashed. They weren’t so lucky this time and besides, even if they could have sent a signal, it would be decades before it reached a neighboring ship.

Addams turned to his control console and checked the specs of the planet. The atmosphere was close to that of Earth, so they would be able to breathe without wearing specialized suits. Scans showed no inhabitants and the water appeared to be safe for drinking. Their scientists would have to remineralize the soil a bit to make it healthy for his crew, but they would be able to use the seeds they carried with them to grow food. They also carried the DNA structures of many Earth animals, so they could grow them in testubes and have food that way as well. This was the one time Addams was relieved to be aboard a Regeneration Ship. They wouldn’t starve to death, but they would never see Earth again either, not that there was much left there to see.


Addams looked up from the console to see his chief scientist, Dr. Nina Parks, standing in the doorway. “What is it, Parks?”

“Forgive the intrusion, sir, but my team wishes to explore the terrain.”

“Yes, yes. Go ahead, but take a security team with you, just in case.”

After Parks left, Addams went back to the viewing window. Two moons. One sun. And they all shown brightly at the same time. Did this mean there was no night here? Of course, the science team would figure all of this out in time, but Addams couldn’t help but be curious now. This was an uncharted planet in an uncharted galaxy. They would have much to learn here and not everyone agreed on how to go about that. The one thing they did agree on was what to name this rock they found themselves on: Gaia. A new Earth. And hopefully they wouldn’t screw this one up.

Word Count: 420

  1. Great Sci Fi story Lori. Your writing has provided me with an enjoyable afternoon and a needed distraction.

    • Thank you, Dan… science fiction is actually my most favorite to write and to read. If you like this one, check out my novella Astraeus… it is more than an afternoon’s reading though 🙂 Cheers!

      • I’ve written some sci fi too it interests me and I like reading it. I’ll deff check out your sci fi book another day. You got a lot of great work on here to read.

      • Cool.. do you post your science fiction anywhere? And thanks again, Dan 🙂 Writing is my life 🙂

      • It’s on my wordpress but not set up the way your wordpress. The last sci fi I wrote was ‘The Rita B’s of Wrath’ great sci fi. I can post some sci fi for you to read I did so you can read it if you want to because the other option is scrolling down until your fingers hurt to find it.

  2. Reblogged this on My Daily Musing and commented:
    If you like sci-fi stories this short story is for you.

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