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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Twenty

April 20, 2015

10 Confessions

This should be interesting! *laughs*

1. I’ve only truly loved one man since I was 20 and even more so now at 48.

2. I never loved either of my husbands. Both times, I was “in love” with the idea of marriage and security.

3. I lived most of my life having one night stands or small “affairs” …it was hard for me to commit to relationships.

4. Some days I miss my past friend and lover “J” so deeply, all I do is cry.

5. When I think about my friend and lover “T”, all I remember is the betrayal.

6. I have only a few close friends — “L”, “B”, and “C”… They mean the world to me and I try to keep in touch with them as often as possible… they know who they are.

7. I doubt myself as a writer all of the time. My HS Creative Writing teacher told me once that I would never be a writer. Her words have stayed with me. And even though I constantly write — poetry, short fiction, personal essays — I rarely attempt to publish anything because I believe people will see me as a fraud.

8. I am selfish — with my time and my attention.

9. I prefer my own company 99% of the time. I could happily live a solitude existence, so long as I had a computer, of course.

10. I hate cellphones and I hate what they’ve done to us as a society. No one really talks to anyone these days. Mostly text messages. I’ve seen two people sit across from one another sending text messages back and forth to the other instead of having a face to face conversation. And don’t even get me started on the lack of privacy these days!

  1. Yea I agree technology has its positives and negatives. The phone think gets ridiculous I hardly text and when I do it takes me forever. I am technology impaired.I am glad you have close friends rarely in life you have friends that stay friends with your whole life I got a few though I know will be there.

    • Yeah, I am a bit technologically challenged too.. truthfully, I just hate the impersonal with cellphones *laughs* I am so happy to hear you have such close friends, Dan. keep them, they are definitely hard to come by 🙂

      • yea I also like the blog friends I have made on here its an extra source of support and friendship. I like to write my stories and songs for my blog friends they range from UK, Portugal and New Jersey friends all over the world!

  2. Every writer has doubts. Without them, our egos would be unchecked. Can’t say I think highly of your teacher either…
    Keep writing! You are no fraud.

    • I didn’t write stories about fluffy bunnies… more like Stephen King lol. I don’t think she was a fan of his and definitely not one of mine. But I still write 🙂 Thank you for the words of encouragement!

      • I like to chop and change between bunnies and zombies… keeps things interesting for me! I’ve written a couple of short stories that are more for adults. Haven’t shared those on my blog as I wanted to try them in a few competitions first. One’s about a man who dies and becomes a zombie, one’s about a man who falls and dies but possibly goes through purgatory on the way, one’s about an undead coach tour… you get the idea! You’ve just gotta write the stories that you want to hear 🙂

      • I agree, Al.. and my twisted brain doesn’t want to read about fluff bunnies… lol. Good luck on the competitions!

  3. I agree with you on cellphones! I hate when you get together with someone only to have them spend all their time texting idly with someone else or playing games or compulsively checking the phone every two seconds. I miss face to face conversations and just goofing off in person, in real time. I don’t text at all. I rarely even call unless it is important. I also have a lot of doubts about myself as a writer and at the moment they are especially high. You’re awesome keep writing!

    • Glad to know I am not the only one about cellphones… and thanks. You are a great writer too and I always enjoy your posts.

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