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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Nineteen

April 19, 2015

What I Am Up To

Currently, I am still working on the 3 challenges I began on April 1st. I am also reading three books: Blue Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson, A Dubious Mission by Gerald J. Kubicki, and The Summoner by Layton Green. I usually have several books going at once so I don’t get bored with them. The Kubicki book is for a review. I will probably review the others as well, but I was asked personally to write one for A Dubious Mission.

Other than that, I am not up to much of anything else. Writing and reading are keeping me sufficiently busy.

  1. Stephen King would be proud of you he says to be a great writer you have to read and write every day. I write every day even when sick even on Christmas. I met King at a movie theater he was with his grandson so I waved to him and he was staring a hole through him with his spooky eyes. It was amazing I wanted to say something but I figured best to let him have his privacy.

    • Yes, Stephen King is one of my heroes.. have you read his book on writing? Stellar! That is so cool that you met him once. He has gotten so old looking these days and is even spookier than before.. lol I love how his mind works! (wow, you are digging deep into my archives! I love it :D)

      • Yea a while ago. I read Doctor Sleep he was brilliant. King is very intelligent he knows every possible way to scare you. That is why he is The Master Of Horror. Yea I enjoy your writing I need to read more and your writing is great and fun to read!

      • I have made it my mission to own all of his books… still have quite a few to collect as I stopped buying books a while back, but I am at it again πŸ˜€ And thank you, Dan πŸ™‚ I appreciate the compliment.

      • Yea deff hard to collect King writes tons of book every year and he has been writing for so long. Hard to get everything. I have Carrie and The Shinning.

      • I currently have 9 of his books… would tell you which ones, but they are currently boxed up as I have no more shelf room… I do have The Shinning, Carrie, and The Stand… those I remember.

      • Cool King never had a bad book.

      • Well, I don’t think so.. some of his critics have though πŸ˜‰

      • Well you know what they say there are those that can do and those that criticize.

      • True πŸ˜‰

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