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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Fifteen

April 15, 2015

5 Favorite Blogs

I read a lot of blogs during the day, probably way more than I ought to considering I have a stack of books sitting beside me that need to be read and reviewed. I’ve also discovered some new blogs via the A-to-Z Challenge and have enjoyed reading them as well. But when it comes to favorites, I have to revert back to those blogs that I have been subscribed to for years. They are as follows, but not in any particular order of preference:

LINDAGHILL — Life in progress: Linda is an author and gives wonderful tips on writing. She also hosts the SoCS (Stream of Consciousness Saturday) and One-Liner Wednesday every week.

Write With Fey: Fey is also an author. She sends out writing tips every day as well. Right now she is using the A-to-Z Challenge to define various aspects of her Disaster Crime series. It’s been pretty interesting so far.

StoryADay: Julie hosts an annual writing competition called StoryADay in May. She also sends out wonderful writing tips and keeps writers on the straight and narrow.

loveletterstoaghost: I have been following Patience’s poetry blog for several years now. She writes some of the most poignant poetry that I’ve read anywhere.

Mabry Campbell Photography Blog: Mabry’s photography is breath-taking. I’ve been following him for a long while now and love his eye for angles, shapes, and the movement of the sun on objects.

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