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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Fourteen

April 14, 2015

Where I Want to Be in Ten Years

I have to admit, I used to play this game. Everyone said we should set goals for ourselves and work to fulfill them. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get a good career. All based on goals set in childhood, but those were always someone else’s goals: Parents, teachers, guidance counselors, coaches, spiritual leaders… I think very few children grow up to be what they dreamed of at night curled up in their beds, dreaming of their futures. Life has a way of creating road blocks and disturbances.

I am less than two years away from one of my life goals. At eleven, sitting in the sands of Virginia Beach, I swore to the Ocean that when I was fifty, I would return to her and become one with her. Strange, I know, for a child to make such a commitment. But then, I was always a strange child and I thought fifty was so far away and so old. I figured by then I would have reached all of my goals: college, marriage, the life of a writer.

Now, as I quickly approach fifty, I realize that out of all three goals, I’ve only accomplished one… college. Sure, I’ve had two marriages, but both failed. And yes, I am a writer, but not a published one.

I made mistakes early on, not keeping to my time-tabled goals. I got married way too early and divorced, all within two years. I fell madly in love and then lost that love. I spent my early 20s drunk on one night stands. By my mid-twenties, I finally recaptured my dreams and went to college. I spent nine years chasing the writer’s life, but then the money demons stole it. And so, I got married again. Another wasted 13 years.

Through all of those tribulations, I learned one valuable lesson: live in the NOW. This hard-learned lesson has brought me clarity and peace. I no longer chase impossible dreams. I do not long for what could be or mourn over what might have been. I live each day in the moment.

So when asked where I want to be in ten years, I can honestly say: I will be where I will be, in that moment, in that day, living in the NOW.

  1. Mine would be get stable, get a job and have a girlfriend. I think those are reasonable things for ten years.

    • Those are all very reasonable ten-year goals, Dan. I wish you much luck and success on accomplishing all three!

      • Thanks marriage is not one for me that is reasonable. I think I need more time for that, Stable I think will happen ten more years of changing meds I’ll find perfect combo and meds will be better in ten years.

      • I hope so, Dan.. you will be stabled eventually, of this I am sure.. you have to strong a will not to be 🙂

      • Thanks it would be nice worry less about having relapses.

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