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April PAD Challenge — Day Eleven

April 11, 2015

Prompt: Write a “season” poem

Seasons Marked by Temperament
(senryu series)


Winter, a shut-in
my cold-crested toes shiver
lonely under covers

numb, abandoned bed
you’ve slept on the couch again
blanketed by snow

frozen bitterness
another farce of marriage
biting wind-chilled bones


Spring, life’s renewal
but no gardens flourish here
abandoned as weeds

I plow-on ahead
you crush young shoots underfoot
forsaken efforts

blue jays sing
no melody enchants me
detached by your screams


Summer, angered heat
your thunderous rage strikes me
tosses me asunder

trapped inside my home
no sunlight upon my face
artificial air

from window, watching
you bar-b-que a new life
I am coal and ash


Autumn, death imparts
I am dry, brittled leaves
scattered by gust winds

rotted by your reign
raked by tormented anger
my spirit buried

trampled under foot
you disregard the dying
no life with you here

©April 2015, Lori Carlson

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