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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Ten

April 10, 2015

Timeline of the Day

Most of my days are the same. I am disabled and therefore spend a lot of my time at home. So describing a typical day is better than a timeline of just this day.

My mornings usually begin around 9 or 10. I get up, turn on my laptop and then pat down the hallway to the bathroom. My next stop is the kitchen where I make a cup of coffee, get some ice water, say hello to my father if he is up, and then it is back down the hallway to my room. I check my blood sugar, take my insulin and then settle down to check emails.

I generally begin writing around 11-ish most days, sometimes earlier if I awaken too early. Lately, since the beginning of April, I begin writing poetry first. Because of its simpler form, it is easier for me to get into a poetic mindset rather than a prose mindset. I write, post my work online, and then check more emails. By this time, I am usually on my second cup of coffee and may or may not eat breakfast. Sometimes I wait and eat lunch instead.

Around noon or 1 pm, I will begin working on the science fiction story that is fulfilling the A-to-Z challenge that I pledge to do beginning in April. I write, sip more coffee, smoke a few cigarettes, and try to wrap things up around 4 or 5 in the evening.

Some evenings, I will sit out on the front porch and read, then have dinner. Most nights by 6 or just after 7, I call a close friend of mine and chat with her for about an hour. If it is one of my tv nights, I will watch my favorite shows for a couple of hours. If it is not a tv night, I will either read, watch something off of Netflix, or work on my story more. Around 11 pm, my male friend will call. He and I have a history going back about 25 years. Two past lovers who have never completely fallen out of love even though our lives have taken different paths. We usually talk one or two hours. By then, it is nearly 1 am and I read, work on my story or go on to bed.

There are variations now and again. Sometimes I go to the store or take a walk down town. But most of my time is spent writing. It is, after all, my greatest passion and consumes most of my time.

  1. Hang in there Lori. You’ve got lots of good writing to do!

  2. I got type 2 diabetes. I test twice a day. The most imporant focus is getting my a1c down from 7.4 to 6.8 the risperdal increased my weight, blood sugars and a1c so I switched off it. I drink coffee in the morning and sometimes in the afternoon/. I watch sports, tv shows, movies in the evening after I am done with my day of writing.

    • I still struggle with my diabetes.. it is a never ending battle, even though I’ve cut out all sugar, starch and processed foods. All of my antidepressants caused me to gain weight, so did a couple of diabetic meds and the insulin. I love hearing how you spend your day/evening.. very cool, Dan 🙂

      • Hey Lori just wrote a major twist to ‘Freddy vs Jason 2’ book which made it awesome. Yea diabetes is tough it can change and get worse. Thanks I have fun writing in the day but its good to get down time.

      • Awesome, Dan! I look forward to reading it! My diabetes is severe. I think I waited too long before changing my eating habits. I’ve had it now for about 16 years and just started making changes to my diet in the last 2 years. Enjoy your writing and down time 😀

      • Thanks Sorry to your diabetes is bad. I hope it gets better. I have changed my eating habits drastically and upped my exercise like crazy. Thanks back to more horror writing! hooray!

      • Most welcomed, Dan 🙂 I hope so too… just gonna keep doing what I am doing and hope that I become less insulin resistant over time 🙂

      • yea your diabetes could change in time and get better. diabetes is a condition you work on over time so dont feel like u must make huge improvements in just a couple months.

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