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April PAD Challenge — Day Nine

April 9, 2015

Prompt: Write a “work” poem

Working Me

raw magnetism
all honey & molasses
but I am used to bitter–
sweet repulses me

I seek signs
that you are him
waiting to ambush
my hesitant heart

Every move has motive
to my beaten eyes
slight gestures
become barricades–

I will not let you in

you make vows–
roses & candy
the Opera & ballet
sandy beaches in the Bahamas
sensual hour-long massages
candlelit baths
fancy dinners & champagne

all sugary tokens
vestiges of broken dreams

he too made promises
wooed me to perfection
basked me in afterglow
nights so intense
I completely let go

but passion became tirades
love struck by anger
& bruises so deep
my bones ached

so if you work me
drop the act

don’t pursue me like a lion
but as a gazelle
cautious and alert

©April 2015, Lori Carlson

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