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30 Day Blog Challenge — Day Two

April 2, 2015

20 Facts About Me

1. My favorite Beatle is John Lennon. If I could wish for anyone to return from the beyond, it would be him.

2. My favorite authors are Orson Scott Card, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov, Philip K. Dick, Edgar Allen Poe and William Goyen.

3. My favorite poets are Anne Sexton, Gertrude Stein, Sylvia Plath, Margaret Gibson, Mary Oliver, Rita Dove and Robert Lowell.

4. If I would have studied any other subjects in College besides English, Writing and History, it would have been Archaeology and Psychology.

5. My favorite actors are Richard Gere, Bruce Boxleitner, Robert Downey Jr, Johnny Depp, Benedict Cumberbatch, Matt Damon, Hugh Laurie and Mark Harmon.

6. My favorite actresses are Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judi Dench, Emily Deschanel, Scarlett Johansson and Angelina Jolie.

7. Babylon 5, Star Trek TNG, Star Trek TOS and Doctor Who are my favorite Science Fiction TV series and in that order of preference.

8. Although I have seen all of the Star Wars movies, I am not that great of a fan.

9. I secretly love Math, even if I don’t understand much of it beyond Calculus. My motto is “Mathiness is Sexiness”

10. I love Astrology, Numerology, the Tarot, and channeling spirit guides with a pendulum.

11. I am fascinated with WW2, especially with Hitler, Nazism and the Holocaust.

12. I am also fascinated with serial killers.

13. My all time favorite TV shows (past and present) are House, Charmed, Bones, The Following, Sex in the City, NCIS, and Criminal Minds. There are many others, but I could watch these shows over and over again, ad nauseum.

14. I am a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ community. I think Equal Marriage is a beautiful thing.

15. I am bisexual and no, I do not need to chose one side of the fence over the other.

16. In the course of my spiritual journey, I have been a Baptist, a Mormon, a Wiccan and currently a Buddhist. I also delight in Hinduism, Taoism, and Native American traditions.

17. My Ancestry includes Irish, German, English and Cherokee.

18. I believe in Ghosts, Angels and Demons.

19. I love vampires, but find the Twilight stories revolting. I do love Anne Rice though.

20. In 2012, I was diagnosed with Cancer. It saved my life. Prior to that, I had attempted suicide 8 times within a 5 year period. After learning I had Cancer and survived, I swore I would never attempt to take my life again.

  1. So much here! Too much to comment on but we do have a few similarities. It’s cool. A few are the Beatles, WWII, Sylvia Plath and psychology

    I’m glad you sorted out number 20. That one gave me pause. You are brave to share it, thank you

    • That’s awesome that we share so many interests 🙂 Yeah, number 20… I made a commitment to myself to share about my suicide attempts and what I consider my moment of clarity due to the cancer… so whenever I can bring it up, I do… I just don’t try to knock people over the head with it though.

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